Google Ads Editor- All You Need To Know!

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a free, easy-to-use, and downloadable application for managing Google Ads campaigns. The process involved is simple- it involves downloading one or more accounts, performing changes offline, then uploading the changes to Google Ads. 

Many Google Ads Specialists or Digital Marketers with a knack for Google Ads experience issues while creating and managing campaigns. This is because Google has a tendency to change its algorithm quite often. 

In this article, we shall learn about Google Ads Editor- how does it help? How to use the Editor tool?, and why would one love the Editor tool? Without further ado, let us start.

How does Google Ads Editor Help?

Any advertiser with a significant size account can use this Google Ads Editor, but this is specifically beneficial for the specific advertisers. These advertisers hold accounts with multiple campaigns and a long list of keywords for ads. Here are the following things you can do with the help of this tool:

  • Bulk editing tools to help you bring multiple changes quickly.
  • Export or Import files in order to share proposals, make changes to the account.
  • Analyze all the statistics for the campaigns or their subsets.
  • Manage, edit and view multiple accounts at a single time.
  • Copy or move items between ad campaigns and groups.
  • Undo and redo multiple changes editing the campaigns
  • Create changes in the draft before uploading them to the account.
  • You can work even while offline

6 Steps For Using Google Ads Editor

Download and install the Google Ads Editor before using it. Then, you can make desired changes offline and upload them to Google Ads. Here are 6 major steps to follow to use the tool:

Review the Settings

The Google Ads Editor tool shows default targeting for new ad campaigns and other important details. Before this, review the settings by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Tools > Settings (Windows)
  • Google Ads Editor > Preferences (Mac)

Download the Account

The use begins by downloading one or two Google Ads accounts. 

Make Changes to the Account

Start with the individual changes in the account- for instance, you can copy and paste a keyword to a different ad group. Or make changes in bulk- for instance, you replace text across multiple ads, or import a list of updated campaigns. In order to see detailed instructions for a certain change in ad campaigns, you can search or browse “Help Center”. 

Share Changes

Next, you share the changes with your reviewers or colleagues and then you can import and review the respective changes. 

Check Changes

Check changes made before you upload it to Google Ads. Make sure to address any errors or issues beforehand to avoid any mishap with the Google Ads campaigns.

Reasons to Love Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor has a lot of attributes that advertisers and marketers can leverage to design the supreme marketing ad campaigns.

Quick Adjustment of Bids By Percentage

If you have a handful of keywords that show conversions and the cost per conversion is high, you can reduce the bids. And, for instance, if you have keywords for all the different keyword-based bids, you can edit them one by one by the Ads interface. 

It can all be simplified with the Editor tool. Highlight the keywords and click on “Advanced Bid Adjustments”. So, now, you can decrease all the individual keywords bids by 50% in a couple of strokes. 

Find and Replace in Bulk

One of the great features of this tool includes destination URLs, making edits in prices, and other aspects of Google ads. This can be a really valuable feature if the advertiser deals in keyword-level destination URLs in Google Ads.

Finding Duplicate Keywords

If an advertiser has a huge bunch of keywords in hand to work with for an ad group or has to move keywords from one ad group to another, he will appreciate this Editor feature. With the help of the ‘Finding Duplicate Keywords’ feature, the Editor shall inform the advertiser about the duplicate keywords in an ad group, campaign, or account. 

Moving or Copying Campaigns, Keywords, and Ad Groups

Imagine a scenario when you have a specific ad campaign on a specific geo-targeting setting, and you want to run a different ad in your account with the same geotargeting setting. In this case, creating ads becomes cumbersome.

You can easily go to the Adwords Interface, enter the desired keywords again and set the geo-targeting settings again. Or, you may just simply copy the ad campaign to the Editor and edit the campaign. All the complex settings for geotargeting and keywords in a few strokes. Make edits from the Editor tool and run the choice of ads. 

Making Changes Offline

As we already covered, Google Ads Editor allows you to make changes even while offline and then later upload it to Google Ads. There can be situations when you face Internet errors or WiFi connection issues which makes it difficult to work on Google Ads. However, employing this tool allows you to make offline changes and later on update them on Google Ads. Editing the Ad campaigns and the bids offline is possible.

Sharing Edits Amongst Users

Certain businesses do not have in-house teams to work on Google Ads and they hire a freelancer or an agency to work upon ad campaigns. Therefore, every time an advertiser makes an edit in the campaigns, those changes can be shared by different users. Or, in some cases, an intern is learning to run Google Ad campaigns. As the intern makes changes, he needs to report to his manager or senior. This helps in reviewing the ads beforehand and ensures that the person creating the ad is on the right path. 

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