Digital Drew Recognized As A Google Premium Partner

Google Premium Partner

Digital Drew is a Premier Google Partner, which is no surprise. Our agency has gained pride and respect from our customers and peers as a result of this exceptional stepping stone. It granted us the authority to call ourselves “advertising gurus” on one of the internet’s most prominent platforms. While it demonstrates a dependable source of approval and confidence, we wonder if our clients are aware of the advantages of collaborating with a Google Partner organization. What does it imply to become a badged Google Partner, and why is it preferable to collaborate with one?

A firm that is a Google Partner has many personnel that are certified in Google AdWords, satisfy Google’s performance requirements on a constant schedule, have a growing customer base, and engage in ongoing training.

Why is it Important to Have a Premier Partner Badge?

Advertisers who have satisfied the requirements of becoming a Google Partner and have also exceeded additional expenditure and performance standards can now earn the Premier Google Partner badge. Digital Drew got this badge by having numerous AdWords trained personnel, handling a big ad spending every 90 days, and satisfying Google’s partner criteria consistently.

We’ve also enhanced our skills in SEO and mobile marketing. This implies that we have representatives of our team who are qualified in these product categories and are experienced in assisting customers with the creation and optimization of advertising for both mobile and desktop platforms.

We are AdWords experts and are dedicated to premium search engine marketing for a range of customers as Google Partners. As a Google Partner, we provide excellent client service, give our clients a competitive benefit, and have undergone training to assist them in expanding their businesses online. Here are a few key benefits of collaborating with a Google Partner like us.

Collaborate with Account Managers and Certified Researchers – Any firm that obtains Google Partner level has staff that are trained in Google Adwords and are in charge of their customers’ accounts. Google verifies that these certificates are up to date and that the organisation or agency follows Google’s account management best practises guidelines.

Expert of AdWords characteristics are available to you — Google Partners should be knowledgeable about all of AdWords’ capabilities and how to apply them to the client’s benefit. Adverse keywords, website links within advertisements, term match keywords, ad extensions, wide match altered keywords, split testing with AdWords, ad planning, and more are all skills that our analysts must learn.

Gain an Advantage Over Your Competitors by Using Beta Features – Google’s beta services are available to organizations who have achieved the Google Partner badge. This implies that once Google develops a new functionality or program, its partners could trial and utilize it for a year or more before it is made public. Consider the benefits of employing Google marketing tools before your competitors do!

Avoid Standing in Line – Partners of Google with a high advertising budget have their own Google Agency Unit, which they may reach without having to wait in line if a client has a problem. Assume your website is infected with a virus, and your AdWords advertisements are disabled. You’ll keep losing money till those initiatives are renewed. This issue could take several days to resolve, but if you or your organisation has a connection to a Google Agency Team, the issue can be resolved right away.

Exceptional Results – Premier Partners are known for assisting customers in achieving and maintaining excellent Google Ad campaign success and development. We oversee major quarterly ad spending that is evaluated and authorised directly by Google.

And such expenditures must provide results. Our campaigns should engage at a greater rate, which necessitates ongoing monitoring of ad quality and efficiency to ensure that they continually result in revenue increases. Choosing a Premier Partner assures that they will be able to assist you in succeeding and that you will be capable of getting the maximum out of your cooperation.

Sustain Pay-per-click Standard Practices — To keep their Google Partner position, agency group members must pass certification examinations in AdWords Basics, Video, Search, Shopping, Display, and Smartphone Advertising. Partners may also visit free training events to stay up to date on the newest Pay-per-click techniques, ensuring that your agency stays on top of PPC approaches as they change.

Screening and Innovation – Google Adwords Partners must demonstrate that they are using best practices. This might entail running continuous split testing on advertising to attract the most consumers to a client’s office and assuring that each campaign group has various ads with diverse keywords and messages. By focusing on the numerous demographics that make up a customer’s target audience, Google promotes continuing experimentation.

A company’s badge may be revoked if it does not continue to meet Google’s partner status requirements. This guarantees that a good level of service is provided regardless of when Partner Status is obtained. When you deal with Digital Drew, you are working with a Google-certified firm that also provides its assurance of high-quality service.


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