The List Of Black Friday Facebook Ads Examples To Watch Out For 2022

Black Friday Facebook Ads Examples

Thanks to the numerous direct and indirect advertising options, social media has altered the way marketing is done in the modern era. Paid advertisements on Facebook can increase your audience reach, lead generation, and conversion rates. It would be a good idea to start using Facebook as a marketing tool right away if your business hasn’t already. 

Marketers are once again faced with this yearly challenging problem: How to develop the ideal digital marketing Black Friday campaign that distinguishes your own company from the competition. So if you don’t have that kind of Marketing budget, you can take a few examples of eCommerce giants to help you out.

To stand out from the competition, invest in well-managed campaigns. The examples of Facebook ads that are shown here are some of the greatest ones that could help you a lot. Your social media marketing plan may completely change if you apply the advice from the fantastic black Friday facebook ads examples

We’ll give you all the information you need to create and optimize your 2022 Black Friday digital marketing campaigns in this post.

Black Friday Facebook Ads Examples

The holidays sound like a lot of fun, but your online store needs to be ready. A marketing strategy is crucial because it enables you to design and follow a plan that will yield the best outcomes.

Adding some entertaining pop-ups to your website is a crucial component of your online marketing strategy if you want to increase holiday sales. Even yet, having a list of potential solutions may be helpful because you might not know how to make things work. 

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know!

Spin the Wheel on Black Friday Pop Up

Making a spin-the-wheel or reward wheel appear is one of the best examples you may use to boost your holiday sales.

These gamified pop ups provide your visitors coupons, bonuses, vouchers, and other goodies. All you have to do is think of appealing options for your customers.

You must keep in mind to create a compelling headline while creating a Black Friday pop-up. Otherwise, your visitors may miss the offer or choose to ignore it.

People are naturally intrigued. Giving your visitors a reason to notice your holiday pop-ups is therefore necessary. A reward wheel is a fantastic marketing tactic, but you must adjust it to make it uniquely yours. This includes providing nice discounts and making sure that the pop-up itself is visually appealing.

In other words, you need to provide your clients with something that will motivate them to spin the prize wheel for it to be effective. Make them intrigued so they’ll inevitably stay on your website longer, which will improve sales.

A reward wheel popup’s main goal is to boost client engagement. It’s simple to encourage website interaction; all you have to do is use your imagination to think of things your visitors won’t want to miss.

Other gamified pop-ups include scratch cards, pick-a-gift pop-ups, and slot machines.

Pop-Ups at a Discount for Regular Visitors

Returning to a store implies that you have already made a purchase there and have first-hand knowledge of the goods.

Consider all the shops you rely on and like. You undoubtedly adore it when a business rewards you with a special discount or offer. If you liked that experience, you could use it to boost your Christmas sales by utilizing its advantages.

Having devoted customers implies you’ll make money since they’ll keep purchasing your goods and services. Therefore, by rewarding them, you might deepen your relationship and persuade them to continue acquiring your products.

A customer has a 27% likelihood of returning to your store after making their first transaction. By giving them special discounts during your Black Friday promotions, you can boost those possibilities by taking advantage of your regular customers.

You must modify your pop-up settings for this method to function. If every visitor can see it, it can’t possibly be effective. As a result, you must make sure that it only shows up for returning visitors. 

Returning customers might receive a variety of rewards, like free delivery, discounts, same-day delivery, or even first access to amazing bargains. If you select the final alternative, you may take advantage of it by enticing them to sign up for your newsletter.

Teaser Pop-Up for Promotions

You don’t always need your holiday pop-ups to be very evident. Another successful strategy for increasing sales is to conceal them to surprise your audience. Pop-up teasers can be used with this.

Adding a special button to the corner of your website is thus another smart move. A surprise Black Friday pop-up may then display after the user clicks it, offering them a huge discount or deal they can’t pass up.

Making a Black Friday pop-up launcher effective requires hiding it from view. Make sure it attracts visitors’ attention because you don’t want folks to miss it. You shouldn’t pick something showy though because you also don’t want to make it too evident.

Exclusive big-budget promotions are a great way to boost sales, but you need to understand how to handle the marketing approach effectively. Once the element of surprise has been added, your visitor can be delighted with their finding and intrigued by your offer.

The first stage to pique visitors’ interest and maintain their attention is to surprise them. To increase your sales and make your extensive promotion successful, a pop-up launcher is a very effective method.

Being innovative is important when selecting marketing methods that work. As a result, you need to think creatively beyond the box. Editable templates might give your design journey a boost. You might eventually reflect on all of your suggestions and realize how much they all contributed to your overall sales growth.

Dark Pop-up Ads

Color is a crucial component of developing your marketing strategy. Although it’s sometimes disregarded, you should try to understand as much as you can about the topic because it can help increase your holiday sales.

If you search online, you could immediately discover that the majority of popups have dark colors. Green, dark red, navy blue, and black are the most common colors. You could therefore question why so many brands favor certain particular color schemes.

When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, color is very important to keep them interested. Dark hues like black in your pop-up convey a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Although you might favor a particular hue, it might not work as well for your holiday pop-ups. Bright yellow might catch your visitors off guard, but it could also quickly strain their eyes, causing them to close the popup without reading anything.

Consequently, it looks like a better idea to stay away from bright colors altogether. Dark colors draw customers’ attention without wearing them out, which may lead to them spending more time reviewing your offer, which is essential to boosting sales.

Black Friday Pop-Up Animations

If you know how to employ the final tactic on this list effectively, it is also very powerful. One of the most well-liked options you have during the holidays is animated pop-ups. Even if a visitor has never browsed through your store before, they can rapidly attract your visitors’ attention because they’re entertaining and interesting.

Making Black Friday pop-ups interesting visually is a crucial component. If they don’t, they could not be successful because your visitors aren’t interested. As a result, having animated pop-ups is a great concept because you may include lots of entertaining visual components.

Falling leaves, moving items, and other such effects are frequently used in animated pop-ups. Make sure your pop-up fits well with the aesthetic of your website and try to use aspects that correspond to the time of year.

When including animations in your popups, keep in mind that you don’t want to overload your users. Thus, even if adding snow, moving objects, and other animated elements all at once could seem like a fun concept, you should aim to balance everything out.

When you visit your favorite store as a customer, you undoubtedly want to feel at home. Therefore, you undoubtedly long to receive discounts and exclusive offers when you browse a website online.

Animated pop-ups can help the brand present you with those offers and discounts in an enticing manner if you also want them to. It’s a good idea to add animation to your holiday pop-ups, but keep everything in proportion and avoid going overboard.


Pop-ups can help you increase Christmas sales, but only if you know how to add them to your website and make everything function properly.

Holiday pop-ups are enjoyable, but you should carefully consider all your possibilities before making a decision.

Now that you have five examples in place, choose your favorite and begin customizing it for your website. You might quickly notice several changes in your engagement and revenue!

Do you want to distinguish yourself from your rivals? There is no better time than Black Friday to present you and upgrade with these best black friday facebook ads examples. Good Luck!

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