Performance Max Assets – What Is It All About & The Future In Google Advertising?

performance max assets

In the world of Google advertising, Performance Max is the latest offering. It paves new opportunities for marketers to promote google ads across Google inventory using the same assets. Launched in 2021, Performance max assets have the potential to drive new audiences, insights in a more transparent way, and streamlined campaign management. 

It’s no secret that Google has been attempting to make their platform more automated with every new tool they introduce, and their new Performance Max campaigns are no exception. The newest addition to the Google advertising ecosystem is Performance Max campaigns, which were just recently made available to all marketers.

If you have been paying attention, Performance Max is much more than what may initially appear to be just another campaign type. Google’s approach has focused on developing a completely automated Google Ads infrastructure and the goal is complete automation, which includes this.

We will go over all you need to know about the Performance Max campaign in this article, including how it functions, the prerequisites, and an outline of the initial steps. So let’s get started.

Google Performance Max: What is it?

A new campaign type in Google Ads called Performance Max uses machine learning to maximize your performance across all Google inventory.

Advertisers are only required to supply an asset of ad creatives, such as copy, a call to action, images, or videos, for this automated campaign type. Based on the objectives of the advertiser, this in turn will activate Google’s Smart Bidding process across several channels.

Optimizing For Your Objectives Utilizing Performance Max

The types of objectives that can currently be optimized for in Performance Max campaigns are limited. Advertisers aiming to generate purchases, online leads, or consumers to a shop can now employ these campaigns. Engagement, app promotion, product and brand consideration, and brand awareness and reach are among the objectives that Performance Max ads are now unable to achieve.

Towards Sales

Advertisers have the option to run Google Shopping advertisements alongside other Google-offered channels when optimizing for sales. Advertisers can optimize for sales, maximize conversion value, and include a target ROAS with sales-optimized advertisements. Make sure your feed is set up in the Google Merchant Center if you intend to use this campaign for shopping advertisements.

Towards Leads

Advertisers who want to generate leads can do so on all platforms, except Google Shopping. The offered assets should contain a clear call to action that urges viewers of the ads to take a certain action. Campaigns will then automatically optimize toward a maximum conversion target.

Towards Visits

Campaigns powered by Performance Max help increase traffic. Despite being the newest campaign strategy, there is potential to increase store visits. Create a Performance Max campaign and choose your campaign feed from stores to accomplish this.

What Assets Are Required In Performance Max?

Google uses a range of assets across all channels, including Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail, and Shopping, under asset groupings. Having said that, Google advises using the following particular assets to get started for your Performance Max campaign to reach all channels:

Text Specifications: 1 URL, 5 Small Headlines, 5 Long Headlines, 5 Descriptions, 1 business name, 1 call to action, and 2 display URL paths.

Image Specifications: 3 landscape images, 3 square images, 1 portrait image, and 1 square Logo.

Video Recommendations: For all Performance Max ads, video is necessary. Videos will probably be generated based on other campaign elements if they are not made themselves. Videos should be longer than 10 seconds as a best practice.

Key Benefits

Objective-driven Campaign: Performance Max focuses on your marketing objectives as the main objective for maximizing the effectiveness of the campaign. Google’s machine learning will locate your clients wherever they are on Google properties based on your aims.

Improved Efficiency: To discover your customer at the appropriate moment with the correct ad for even higher performance, Google Ads uses its best attribution and machine learning technology.

Driving Automation: Inputs from Google’s new audience signals will be used to shorten the campaign ramp-up time and offer better results more quickly.

More Concentration On Planned Strategy: Because of Google’s automation, more time can be spent on strategic planning and high-impact adjustments, including enhancing creative materials.

Find Fresh Demographic Groups: With a real-time understanding of consumer intent and behavior, adverts are targeted at interested and pertinent consumers. This campaign type also aims to assist advertisers in discovering new audience segments.

Complete Hold Over Assets: You have some influence over the look and substance of your advertising since you upload your creative materials to Performance Max campaigns. Additionally, Google offers a Combinations Report that shows the top-performing assets.

How Is Performance Max Brings To Use?

Google is now able to provide single-campaign optimization across numerous channels thanks to the new campaign. Performance Max automates bidding using a machine learning method similar to Smart Bidding to optimize ad performance in real-time, much like its Smart Shopping.

Users add creative assets to Performance Max campaigns, such as videos, photos, copy, and titles, to be utilized in their advertising. The advertiser then selects a conversion goal in addition to a marketing purpose. The most efficient combination and channel for campaign performance are then determined by Google’s algorithm after testing various combinations of your assets across numerous channels.

Users will be targeted by Performance Max based on the conversion objectives the shop chose when establishing the campaign. Based on the audience signals entered by the advertiser or store, this targeting is done.


For the majority of marketers who have already utilized Google’s advertising platform, the increasing automation of campaigns with each new version comes as no surprise. We’re excited to see what comes ahead because Performance Max campaigns are the most automation-driven campaign type we’ve seen so far. 

Even though there are legitimate worries about this new campaign type, it encourages marketers for best results and will keep testing to benefit them. So what are you waiting for? Embrace the success of this new era of automation as Google continues to roll out new products while retiring older ones.

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