Reasons Why Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool Should Be Your Friend

Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool

By far, the Internet is the leading channel for reaching out to the audience with a global penetration rate of 57%. In essence, you can reach more than half of the world through the Internet. However, not everyone can be your customer. So, you need to learn to target the right people who are more likely to purchase from you and then understand how you can make content available to them.

Here comes the Google Ads Keyword Planner Tool. You can use this to do keyword research and understand who your target audience is. This tool performs better when they are optimized and set for a target audience. 

The sole distinct advantage is that it is powered by the world’s largest search engine, and the best part is that it is free to use.

Get the Search Volume of Keywords

Use the Keyword Planner Tool to get insights on the search volume on the keywords at no cost. You can also get the exact search volume per month with the use of the Adwords planner campaign which will cost you money. Some marketers may not be aware of the workaround by which you can get the exact keywords to search volume free of cost. Do this by analyzing and evaluating the estimated impression for the maximum CPC. 

Get Keyword Ideas from Competitors

You can use this Keyword Planner Tool to have the keywords suggestions from any URL. So, you can study your competitors and analyze which kind of keywords they are using. You can find the keywords used by many other brands to bring them to your use. This data helps you to spy on the keywords and use only the ones that are appropriate for your website or web pages. Get ideas for improving your site visibility.

Find Questions People are Looking for

With this Keyword Planner Tool, you can use the Google Ads groups for finding and filtering different types of questions that the audience looks for. This helps in generating ideas for curating the ideal set of content pieces. Yes, there are many other tools available for the same but this tool is undoubtedly convenient too.

Find Valuable Keywords that Have Commercial Intent

With the Keyword Planner Tool, you can have the right keywords that have commercial intent for your business based on suggested bids. Sifting through huge chunks of keywords manually can be a little daunting and challenging, but with the KWP filtering feature, you can instantly have access to the right words in seconds. Filter the results of the keywords by using the “Top of Page Bid” column and get answers to the higher range of what competitors are paying for.

Recognize the Device Used by Target Audience

Audiences look for their search keywords or terms over devices like mobiles, tablets, and desktops. You should optimize your website to be device responsive or device friendly in order to make your users’ experience comfortable and streamlined. Make sure that you select the right screen size for reaching out to the target audience.

Find Reach in Particular Location

The Keyword Planner tool also helps you find the desired location data that tells you how to reach the specific states, region, municipality, city or Nielsen DMA region, or your specific target location. This information can be used to determine where and how the competition will be low or high. You can use this location data for prioritizing your marketing resources and activities, including the local and international places. Also get insights on the exact locations where you can expand your business and should focus your attention on the target, nurture, and convert more prospects.

Explore Seasonal Trends for Target Audience

The Keyword Planner Tool can be used to understand how the interest fluctuates and where the shift of the market is! Since every new month witnesses a shift in trend, you need to be updated with the analytics of the same for your target audience. There are several ways to leverage this data for your marketing activities.

  • Produce high-quality blogs in the right period of the trend or just before the peak season. Because users are more eager to look for information at a particular time. Focus and analyze when users are looking for a specific product or service to create google ad campaigns in the manner to entice the customers.
  • Prioritizing what you need to focus on this season to ensure that you have the best product in front of their customer.
  • Offer discounts and promotions on the products when the traffic is low in certain months.

Product Viability Research

Opt for looking at the long-term trends more than the short-term trends because they tend to bring more stable results. Understanding the viability of your product helps in understanding what products can go now as per the fashion or when you should ride the upsurge of interest.

Enhance SEO Content Decisions

Once you have all this information for understanding your customer and ideal target audience, you can easily tweak up your SEO Content decisions. With an effective SEO marketing strategy, your website tends to perform better and also rank better in Search engine page results. Work on the right keywords to ensure that you appear in front of the ideal prospect. Also remember that if your SEO game is strong, then your Google Ads campaigns perform better. 

Understand and Build your Brand

Keyword search does not only benefit SEO but also brings improvement in other marketing aspects like digital marketing, media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. Use the right set of keywords to shape an image of your brand for your ideal customers. Further, also make your sales game more effective in no time.

Are you looking for experts who have a knack for the Google ads keyword planner tools? Contact the professionals at Digital Drew SEM. They have a pool of experts who can design the best marketing strategies with the use of this tool and generate leads in no time.


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