Do you want to Sell More Homes? 5 Tips for Google Ads For Realtors

Google Ads for Realtors

Realtors are one of those with the hardest job. Not only do the realtors have to market themselves like a business, but also have to build a long-lasting and prosperous relationship with their clients- the home sellers and home buyers.

There are several realtors in the market who want to find clients as soon as possible and close the deals with them. Moreover, they also wish to be found in Google whenever a prospect is hunting for a property. 

Talking about marketing, there are several forms of marketing online- content marketing, organic marketing, paid marketing, and more. All these can be used to generate leads, however, you need to figure out the suitable one for your business. 

Google Ads for Realtors works the best to generate leads. Wondering why? Simply because Google Ads are quick to perform if you set it right. It quickly pops up in front of your prospect and displays your property listing. 

Even though there are many other ways to build an online presence and generate leads, Google Ads is the best way to capture leads for your real estate business.

Why does Real Estate Business use PPC Campaigns?

Want to reach the potential buyer in your choice of a geographical area? You need to have an exclusive real estate marketing plan that emphasizes getting in front of the ideal prospects at the right time in the right manner. 

Realtors who are aware of Google’s search engine algorithm, know that SEO helps boost the web presence and generate more leads. Use Google Ads to begin the first step of engagement with clients who are either willing to sell or buy a house.

When you set up the right campaign for your prospects, you will witness real estate leads falling in your lap immediately after a few of the Google Ads campaigns. 

This signifies that Google Ads are an investment for your business,  and there are a few tips you can adopt for your ad campaigns. Use these tips to optimize your Google Ads campaigns. Also, remember you only pay when someone clicks on the ads, instead of on impressions.

5 Tips to Optimize Your Google Ads 

Prefer using local Google Ads campaigns to get found by your potential clients as they search for the relevant terms. Your marketing strategy should be around the needs of the target audience. Optimize your ads to get your ads clicked for as little money as possible.  

Want to show your ad to a specific target audience, you can set it in your Google Ads campaign. Set up a bid on the keywords that work or that you think the homeowners will type when they search for their ideal real estate agents.

Split each Campaign with Related Search Terms

Google wants to have the most relevant ads in front of its visitors to ensure a satisfactory user experience. This implies that you need to set up Google ads campaigns in the most narrow manner. 

Set up the geographical locations, type of homeowners, and devices who you want to reach. With Google Ads, you also have the liberty to target people who are looking for homes in a particular area.

Choose the Most Profitable Keywords

The second tip is to focus on the long-tail keywords while setting up Google ads campaigns. Do you wonder why long-tail keywords are more profitable?

  • They trigger ads to show highly qualified leads
  • They trigger ads less often as they are based on search-related queries
  • Targets home buyers who are actually looking to buy a house from you.

A sound long-tail keyword strategy includes thorough keywords and market research as you need to understand the relevant keywords for your business so that people find your ads.

Choose Negative Keywords

Keywords are what drive traffic to your ads via Google Ads campaigns. Did you know that you can also use negative keywords to restrict the people who see the ads? The Negative keywords allow real estate agents to have a powerful tool that excludes people using the specific keywords while searching for real estate listings.

By limiting the people visiting your Google Ads, you can also save a lot on your budget and display only in front of the people who are serious about buying from you.

Write Targeted Ad Copy

Besides just creating a Google Ad, it is essential to have an appealing marketing copy. Remember, these ads stand out in the SERPs while also tapping into the psychology to get the homebuyers to click on the ads. Think about what your audience would need and curate a marketing copy that entices them to click on the Google Ad. Customize each ad based on the target group and keywords you are using. 

Make sure that your marketing ad copy is on point and laser-focused either on the problem-solving of the user or talking about the product or feature of the house listing or property.

Use Ad Extensions to get Found

Besides writing the converting marketing copy, you need to use different ad extensions in your Google ads. Some of the extensions that you can use are:

  • Location Extensions
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Callout Extensions
  • Message Extensions
  • Call Extensions

Google Ads is the best option for realtors as you can add extensions to give a boost to your online presence and bring more engagement. All these ad extensions can be adopted depending upon the intent of the ad run- brand awareness or improve CTR or increase conversions.


These are 5 of the best strategies or tips for Google ads for Realtors that can help you boost online presence and increase engagement. Use the right keywords, create amazon ad copy for more clicks, and engage clients to drive more customers. 

If you are looking for the best marketing agency or professionals to help you with Google ads for realtors, then contact Design Drew SEM today to start selling now. Consult with them today.

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