Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Commerce Manager

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Commerce Manager

Are you a company that sells goods or services on Facebook or Instagram? You will benefit from installing Facebook Commerce Manager. Even if you only want to promote on these Meta-owned platforms, a Commerce Manager account offers significant benefits.

What is the Facebook Commerce Manager

Facebook Commerce Manager is an excellent tool for selling things and managing your business on Facebook and Instagram.

With close to 3–4 billion active users in the Facebook ecosystem, you need smart and effective tools to develop and scale your online business.

If you have a small business page or a powerful partner like Shopify to handle your inventory, you may become a more productive and efficient seller by using Facebook Commerce Manager.

As a business in the United States, you have the advantage of having access to this amazing tool on Facebook before anyone else on the globe.

But how can it help your company?

Let’s talk about it.

Who can apply for Facebook Commerce Manager?

Anyone can create a catalog in Commerce Manager, but only businesses selling real goods can proceed to create a shop on Facebook or Instagram. Also, only businesses in the United States can offer a native checkout option on Facebook or Instagram.

You may still use Commerce Manager to create catalogs for social marketing if you sell digital products or services. For example, in Commerce Manager, you can have many catalogs for advertising purposes, but you can only connect one catalog to your shop.

You’ll need a Business Manager or Business Suite account before you can set up your Commerce Manager account. 

What Is the Function of the Facebook Commerce Manager?

Facebook Commerce Manager aims to make sales management simpler and faster for businesses that use the Facebook network.

There are numerous aspects it offers, some of which are exquisite.

  • Optional Checkout

You can provide your users with an in-app purchase option to ensure that their experience is not hampered. With the help of the in-app checkout, you’ll have a better chance to enhance your sales and profits. This is because clients can now place orders without leaving the Facebook ecosystem.

As all of your visitors enjoy a consistent experience, the leakage in your sales funnel will be reduced. When a buyer buys something through the checkout, they don’t have to re-enter their shipping and payment information.

Inventory Control

You may manage your inventory from a single location. Facebook Commerce Manager gives you a simple way to keep track of your inventory and protect all of your customers’ purchases.

You don’t have to use any third-party systems to get detailed information about your products and sales numbers.

Besides keeping track of your inventory, you can also update your business information and see a record of all the items you’ve bought and sold in the past.

Accounting Reporting

You have comprehensive access to your company’s financial reporting. You can also choose to keep the reports offline for future use. You can also alter your tax settings to manage your taxes at the same time.

Secure Checkouts 

With the number of online scams going up, Facebook lets you connect with your audience in a safe way, building trust while customers make safe purchases.

The checkout tool offers all of your customers an easy, quick, and secure purchasing experience. The user-friendly experience will delight your customers.

Manage Bookkeeping and Currency Exchange

You may monitor and review all of your sales and purchases whenever necessary. You can generate error-free reports for better financial management.

The Facebook Commerce Manager also makes it easier to deal with taxes. This is done to help businesses that use Facebook.

Customer Service

You handle all of your customers’ questions, concerns, and ideas easily. Using Facebook Commerce Manager, you can properly manage all refund, return, and replacement concerns.

Facebook also provides incredibly helpful information to business owners to assist them in providing better customer care. Facebook will come up with answers to all the questions that are asked over and over again about your topic.

Control all Privacy Options

You can grant a specific person access to your Facebook Commerce Manager login and manage your business information. Several security measures can be turned on to make your Facebook Commerce Manager account safer.

Get In-Depth Customer Feedback

One of the most important advantages that Facebook Commerce Manager offers is precise consumer information. You may better understand your clients and improve your social media marketing efforts with this important information. All of the information is correct, and Facebook’s insights make it easy to look at and understand the customer information.

Non-US Seller’s Commerce Manager

If you are a US seller, we reviewed how to set up your Commerce Manager. But what if you’re not based in the United States? Then, by setting up your Facebook page shop using Catalog Manager or Commerce Manager, you can simply send your audience to your website or eCommerce portal.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Choose your website’s checkout process over Facebook’s.
  • Connect your Facebook business page to the sales channel via which you want to sell your products (like Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping).
  • Include your support email address.
  • Select an existing catalog or create a new one.
  • Accept all of the terms and conditions to finish the setup.

Because Facebook’s in-app checkout feature is only available in the US, all of your payments will be sent to your website.

It’s all over!

With the help of Facebook Commerce Manager, you can take your online Facebook business to the next level. As an eCommerce brand, having a robust product like Commerce Manager on your team is always a bonus.

Use all of the benefits it provides to your company and provide your clients with an unforgettable shopping experience in the Facebook ecosystem.

When you get your hands on the many Commerce Manager solutions, you’ll begin to enjoy a more refined buyer’s journey, and you’ll draw a larger audience due to some distinctive features.

So don’t put it off! Outperform your competitors right now.

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Obtain the greatest in order to become the industry leader.

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