6 Tried and Tested Remarketing Tips That Will Work Wonders

Remarketing Tips

“Retargeting is one of the best ways to close sales that didn’t happen.” – Neil Patel

A big portion of visitors coming to your website leave without taking any action. This big portion could be anywhere between 95 to 98% for most websites. Knowing this can hurt, especially when you consider the effort (both organic and paid) you put in bringing them to your website.

Unless you chose to remarket.

What Is Remarketing?

In simple terms, remarketing is the method that businesses can use to connect with people who have already interacted with their business online.

In this post, we will be discussing some effective remarketing strategies, and how you can make the most of them. Let us take a look:

Remarketing Strategies That Really Work

1) Target The Right Landing Pages

It won’t be wise to expect all your web pages to perform and deliver expected results at one time. Based on the goals you have set, you need to specifically target landing pages that match them. Figure out the best-converting pages on your website and target them.

For instance, stop focusing too much on home page retargeting, because that’s when a visitor is in the checking out stage. You can shift that focus to the checkout page because one of the last steps in the customer journey. You need to set goals smartly, and then build your remarketing actions matching those smart goals.

2) Segment Your Customers 

Not every customer visiting your website comes with the same intention. You cannot treat them all the same. Therefore, one of the first things you need to keep in mind when planning your remarketing efforts is to segregate your visitors based on their needs.

Some of the parameters that will help you in this include:

  • The time a visitor spends on the website
  • Number of pages they visited before leaving
  • Which pages did they visit
  • How aggressive they were while they were on the website

You need to gather all this data, and based on that create customized remarketing campaigns with their specific call to action.

3) Incentivize Their Visits

One of the best remarketing tactics that you will ever come across is to incentivize the user’s visit. Who doesn’t like getting rewards, right? Offer rewards to repeat visitors in the form of free giveaways, discount coupons, and so on.

For instance, someone who visits your website home page, moves to your product page, checks out a few of the products, and then leaves because they found the price on a little higher end. There’s nothing better than reaching out to them with a special discount coupon or a custom offer. As soon as they see that offer, they are likely to get converted.

4) Create A Renewed Interest 

When running a retargeting campaign, it is important to keep analyzing its effectiveness and take actions accordingly.

Let’s say you are running a retargeting campaign for a certain customer segment for 30 days. However, you are not getting the desired CTRs after the initial week. There’s no point in continuing that offer for the next 20 days. You must pitch in a new offer, make a difference to renew the interest of visitors. That’s the most important part.

You will get results only by evolving your content according to the users’ interests.

5) Post-Conversion Landing Pages

Exclude your converted customers from your retargeting strategies.

This is a standard practice that businesses follow. However, you are potentially losing a lot by not retargeting them. They can prove to be your source of recurring conversions because they are already impressed with your product/service.

For instance, create post-conversion landing pages and target your converted email list in say every 6 months. Or, whenever you are launching a new product, a new collection and so. They should be the first ones to know about it, and if you can somehow pitch it with a discount or an offer that is a bonus.

Remember, your converted customers are not just your brand advocates but also can become a recurring source of income as well. So, you need to treat them accordingly.

6) Keep Testing 

Testing is the most important aspect of any remarketing campaign. As mentioned in one of the points above, you must keep a close eye on the campaign to measure its effectiveness.

Analyze the campaign for the effectiveness of various elements including, the ad content, the call to action, the graphic elements, and so on. This is important because it will help you prepare for your future campaigns. You don’t want to carry the things that did not work out in this campaign in your next one.

And the best way to do it is by testing new things every time and analyzing the results.


Remarketing has become a vital element for a business to succeed in today’s breakneck competition. Considering the fact that there are so many players in every industry, you need your name to constantly pop in customer’s minds to get them to convert. Authentic, knowledgeable, and user-friendly content has a big role to play in this. But, it is equally important to know how to retarget them using the steps mentioned above. Start practicing them in your marketing efforts and see how effective they prove to be.

All the best!

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