What Is FYP On Tiktok, And How To Get On The FYP

FYP On Tiktok

TikTok is a popular video-sharing app that lets users create and share a 15-second short video on any niche and topic. The app offers more than just lip-syncing to music. It offers a wide selection of song and sound snippets along with the option to add filters and effects. 

In fact, today, many people are heading towards TikTok for sponsorships, entertainment, and business opportunities. If you also want to gain fame, support your startup or become an impactful influencer, then all you need is to get your content on TikTok’s FYP. So, what exactly is the FYP, and how to get on it? Let’s find out.

What is TikTok

TikTok is a popular video-based social media platform developed by a Chinese Tech Company, Bytedance in 2016. In just a few years, the app has secured its spot worldwide. In 2020, TikTok became the second most downloaded app in the Apple Store. In fact, the active user counts reached 700 million, which is definitely something massive for a new social media platform. 

What is FYP?

FYP stands for For You Page. It is basically the first page you visit when you open the TikTok app. It shows you a curated list of creators which TikTok’s algorithm believes you may enjoy. The idea behind this is when you like more videos on TikTok, you will get more engaged. Essentially, this page is the same as the Explore page of Instagram.

Many big users like Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, and many more have gained popularity by appearing on FYP in TikTok. FYP increases exposure which means more followers. Once you grab the limelight, odds are, many brands want to partner with you. 

How does FYP Work?

FYP represents the user’s distinct tastes and preferences. It includes factors such as 

  • User interactions- Type of content users prefer, their comments, accounts they follow, and videos.
  • Account and Device settings- It consists of county settings, language, and the type of device.
  • Video information- Based on interactions, TikTok studies the captions, stickers, hashtags, length, and sounds. 

Every bit counts! This app is thoughtful in selecting its feed. Users must finish the video they have clicked on because watching a video from beginning to end demonstrates enjoyment. This is what the algorithm will place the most emphasis on.

How to get on the FYP?

Now, this is one of the major questions many people search for to get the answers. If you understand TikTok algorithms, how it works and provide quality content, getting on the FYP is no rocket science. So, let’s find out some of the easiest ways to get on the FYP. 

  • Create High-Quality Video

There is no explanation for posting low-quality videos nowadays. Nobody has the time to view blurry videos. 

High-quality videos pique viewers’ interest. If you upload clean, manageable clips for your viewers, they are more inclined to watch all the way through. Moreover, if your overall videos are catchy and well-edited, you have a better chance of landing on the FYP and even becoming viral.

  • Keep your videos short and brief

TikTok users watch dozens of videos simultaneously, so you just have a few seconds to catch and hold their interest. The algorithm is dependent on people watching your videos all the way through. What better approach to achieve this than to keep them as brief as possible? As a result, it is critical that your films are short and to the point, delivering the message or crux of the video in a short length of time.

Music or trending audio can be added to your videos.

Tiktok is connected with music. So, if you want your videos to rank high on TikTok’s algorithm add some trending music. If you do it correctly, be ready to watch your videos on the FYP. Make sure to select songs that are relevant to your videos. Using trending music and audio on TikTok is another simple approach to getting your videos recognized.

Make your captions interesting.

If you think anyone finds your lengthy captions interesting, you are wrong! In social media, including TikTok, less is more. Make captions for your video that are related to it. Captions, audio, and hashtags should all work in tandem to enhance your films. It can also be beneficial to tell your viewers what to do. “Watch ’til the end,” for example, has been a popular one among app creators.

Use the Relevant Hashtags and Use Them Correctly 

Hashtags, when used correctly, can help your videos obtain more attention. These can assist consumers in finding and engaging with your videos, which ultimately increase your chances of appearing on the FYP.

#foryou and #foryoupage are two hashtags to consider if you want your videos to appear on the FYP. Although not a magic wand in and of themselves, these could be useful when combined with the other components listed in this article.

Interact with Other Users

When you constantly engage with other TikTok users, you boost your exposure on the app since the accounts you engage with, and their followers are visible to your account.

You must also respond to your followers’ comments to enhance your posting engagement. The more you interact with the app, the more likely your videos will be shown on the FYP.

A Comprehensive Strategy for TikTok Success

While there is no guarantee that your video will be seen on TikTok’s FYP, there are various measures you can take to improve your chances. While the procedures outlined in this article may be useful, you should also ensure that the fundamentals are covered.

Fill out your bio so that it reflects your niche. Post videos frequently, and make sure your content is still relevant to your audience. You will have a better chance of success on TikTok and its FYP if you take a thorough approach.

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