Web Design Agency New York Redesign Your Website Without Affecting SEO

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For many website owners, redesigning a website is a terrifying process. They are concerned about losing their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rating. As you are aware, SEO strengthens your ranks, helps in the influx of more organic visitors, and promotes income development. However, the initial impression of your prospective leads will be dependent on the appearance and feel of your website, i.e., user experience (UX) design. Some convincing reasons why you should consider a website redesign includes:

  • Rebranding your business
  • Internet’s changing face
  • Include a more effective content strategy.
  • Making the website more mobile-friendly
  • Built using antiquated technologies
  • Your rivals have adapted to the changing environment.

The good news is that improved UX design positively impacts SEO. You can hire a reliable web design agency in New York to redesign your existing website without affecting SEO!

How Should a Website Be Redesigned Without Losing SEO?

It is vital to upgrade your outdated website in order to improve the functionality and experience of your site for valued users. It will make your company’s website more visually appealing and up to date, which will make your potential visitors happier as well. As a result, you will be able to generate more leads, and your business will expand.

Here is a brief breakdown of the processes on how a trustworthy New York web design agency can assist you in rebuilding your website without sacrificing SEO:

1. Take Ownership of Your Pages

The expert designers of a web design agency in New York collect every page on your website. Each page is beneficial to your business, especially in terms of Search Engine Optimisation.

Here are a few things you should be aware of while inventorying your pages:

  • The number of pages on your website
  • The number of links on your website
  • Your website contains videos, photos, and other content.
  • How many content tiers does the website have?

For your convenience, here is a selection of tools that will undoubtedly assist you in collecting your key website pages while revamping the old ones:

  • Use a crawler.
  • Make use of your sitemap.
  • Select your site’s Google index.
  • Make use of Google Search Console

2. Using a test site

Following an inventory of the existing website, the subsequent step is to redesign a new version of your company’s website. Therefore, web designers use a test site while redesigning a website without losing SEO. A test site is just a testing or development site. It’s just a new development platform for you.

The major purpose of using a test site is to prevent search engines from scanning and indexing a partially completed version of your new website. Furthermore, allowing consumers to view web pages that are being updated is not a good idea. As a result, it is critical to ensure that the test site is not indexed

3. Analyze Your Redesigned Website

It is vital to plan out the new design elements for the previous business websites while avoiding SEO concerns. It may achieve by changing the colour schemes of the branding and the space between HTML components. The designers may also conduct an SEO assessment on your entire website redesign.

However, keep in mind that a simple rewrite might result in a substantial change, resulting in SEO loss. As a result, you must be careful while changing the content.

4. Make the Redesigned Site Available

When the designer has finished redesigning your website for users to see, it is time to activate an improved and new website.

Typically, developers will upload your new website, but it is important to double-check that it works. Understanding that your new website would not vanish from search results would be preferable.

Check that your tracking codes, such as Google Analytics, heat-mapping, social media pixels, and so on, are configured and collecting data. When there are fewer visitors, installing a new website is advisable.

5. Confirm Robot Information

The robots.txt file has an explicit link to the sitemap of the redesigned website.

When the designer includes a new sitemap in the robots.txt file, they make crawling and indexing as simple as possible for search engines. As a result, be sure they are not accidentally blocking important pages from getting indexed. They check those things as quickly as possible if there are certain landing pages that you do not want to be indexed.

6. Install the Search Console

Then they submit your XML sitemap and the URL of your sitemap to the Search Console. You have immediately guaranteed SEO rankings for the website by submitting. Setting up the search console will assist search engines in swiftly and efficiently indexing your updated website.

7. Track SEO Performance Changes

After they’ve uploaded your new website, they make sure that your website is getting incoming data regarding rankings, conversions, and performance.

While keeping an eye on things, you may notice some significant changes in the first few days following activation. It suggests that there might be a considerable decrease or a massive surge. The rating will take a few weeks to settle. Changing your website will not immediately boost your SEO rankings. As a result, you must maintain your patience.

If things have been going poorly for an extended period, you should consider applying corrective actions. Changing the current content drastically or failing to follow the proper SEO and web design methods usually results in significant adverse effects. As a result, it is critical to use corrective activities to influence the website redesigning positively.

Wrapping Up

Websites are critical in recruiting clients. Weighing User Experience vs. SEO is entirely up to management. If you are looking for a New York web design agency that helps you to design a new or redesign your existing website, look no further than Digital Drew. With years of experience in eCommerce web design in New York and redesigned websites, they make sure your website is properly designed without losing any element of Search Engine Optimisation.

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