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In order for search ads to be effective in growing your business, it is important to understand how search ads work and how they can be optimized to maximize results. When someone is searching, they have a specific intent and are actively looking for something, whether it’s a business to visit or an answer to a particular question. To align your ads with the user’s search intent, it is crucial to pick the right keywords, craft compelling ads, and direct users to the most relevant page on your website. Through my experience, I have found three specific types of keywords that perform exceptionally well in search ads.

  1. Location Keywords: Incorporating location-specific keywords, such as “New York City,” “NYC,” “near me,” or abbreviations like “NY,” can be highly effective. When someone types in a keyword with a location in the query, they are indicating their intent to go to a certain place or use a service in a specific location. By including the location in the headline of your ad, you show potential customers that you are close by or situated in the desired location. This proximity creates a sense of convenience and prompts users to consider your business as a viable option among the numerous choices available.

The user’s inclusion of a location in their search query also signifies that they are closer to making a buying decision. By already knowing where they want the business to be located, they have indicated at least some level of consideration for the product or service they are searching for, narrowing down their choices. By aligning your ads with their desired location, you can capture their attention and increase the chances of conversion.

  1. Action Keywords: Action-oriented keywords, such as “buy,” “order,” “hire,” “sell,” or “rent,” can drive engagement and conversions. When someone includes an action keyword in their search query, they indicate their intent to take a specific action with a business. For example, if someone searches for “buy” along with a specific product name, it signals to businesses that sell that product online that the user is interested in making a purchase. This user has moved past the consideration phase and is actively looking to take action.

Regardless of the nature of your business, it is important to think about the actions that users would take when engaging with your products or services. For service-based businesses, users are looking to hire your services. Including action keywords in your ads can significantly increase the likelihood of users clicking on those keywords when they see that you understand what they are looking to do. Additionally, if your landing page facilitates and simplifies the desired action, you are more likely to achieve the desired conversion.

  1. Top Keywords: Another effective category of keywords to bid on is top keywords, such as “best,” “top,” or “professional.” People search for and desire the best businesses in whatever category they are interested in. By appearing for and including these terms in your ad copy, users are more likely to click on your ads. People want to work with the best, and that is precisely why they are conducting a search.

Users want to find the best business for the service or product they are looking for. Your goal with search ads is to prove to users that you are precisely what they are looking for and that you are the best option available. By incorporating top keywords in your ads, you can communicate that you offer top-quality products or services and instill confidence in potential customers.

Remember, effective search ads are a combination of strategic keyword selection, compelling ad copy, and a seamless user experience on your landing page. Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your search ads, adjust your keyword strategy based on data and user behavior, and optimize your ad copy and landing pages to improve conversion rates.

In conclusion, leveraging location keywords, action keywords, and top keywords can greatly enhance the performance of your search ads. By aligning your ads with user intent and providing a compelling message, you can attract the right audience and increase the likelihood of conversions. Prove to users that you are the best solution for their needs, and you’ll maximize the impact of your search advertising efforts.

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