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In order for search ads to be effective in growing your business, it is important to understand how search ads work and can be optimized to grow your business. When someone is searching they have the INTENT to find something. They are actively looking for something either a business to go to or they are looking for an answer to a specific question.

Therefore, with that in mind, it is important to pick the right keywords, the right ads, and the right page on your website to directly align with that user’s search. Therefore, I have found three specific types of keywords that perform really well.

Location Keywords


Location keywords (New York City, NYC, near me, NY) – when someone types in a keyword with a location in the query they are indicating an intent to go to a certain place or they want to use a service in a specific location. If you can include the location in the headline of your ad you are showing that potential customer that you are close by or in the location they are desiring the business to be in.

The user is also showing they are closer to making a buying a decision because they know exactly where they want the business to be located. By already knowing where they want the business to be they have already indicated at least some type of consideration for the product or service and narrowing down the billions of choices for the product or service that they are searching for that your business offers.

Action Keywords


Action keywords (buy, order, hire, sell, rent) – when someone types in a keyword with an action keyword in the query they are indicating an intent to do something with a business just like with location. When someone includes “buy” in their search query,  that is indicating to a business that sells something online that the user is interested in buying the product. They are past the consideration phase and are looking to take an action.

Whatever your business is, it is important to think of the actions that a user would take. If you are a service, people are looking to hire your business. Including this action word in the ads will significantly help to increase a user clicking on that keyword if they can see you understand what they are looking to do. Also, if your landing page can help them do that action in a fast and easy way then you will be likely to get the desired conversion as well.

Top Keywords


Top keywords (best, top, professional) – another great category of keywords to bid on. People search and want the best business in whatever category they are searching for. If you appear for and include these terms in your ad copy, users will be more likely to click on your ads as well. People want to work with the best that is why they are searching.

They want to find the best business for the service or product they are looking for. Your goal with search ads is to prove to users that you are what they are looking for and that you are the best so why not just say it.

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