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My digital media lessons are custom tailored to teach you the digital skills you want to learn. I focus on getting all of your questions answered and helping you to learn how to master digital media in the clearest most hands-on way possible by working directly with you on your accounts.

The lessons are 1-3 hours long depending on how long you would like to go. They can be done in person (NYC only) or over video chat with screen sharing capabilities.

Popular topics (but not limited to): scheduling social media posts, optimizing your Facebook Business page, learning how to write effective posts, and learning how to read your data and analytics from platforms such as Google Analytics.

Once you checkout you will be able to book your time directly on the confirmation page. For additional questions or if you would like me to know any additional information before your lesson, please feel free to reach out to

8 reviews for Digital Marketing Lesson

  1. Mike Blumenfeld

    Drew explains everything really well and answered all of the questions that we had. Really great to work with and would highly recommend!

  2. Sally Morgan

    I have no head for social media and that’s why I have Digital Drew! His depth of knowledge means that I can relax and let him take over. Don’t hesitate a moment to hire him!

  3. Laura Perricelli

    My lesson with Digital Drew was outstanding! Drew showed me how to improve my social media presence and how I can attract more viewers to my page. I learned so much and he made it very easy to understand. I highly recommend taking a lesson!”

  4. Bonnie Winston

    I hired Drew to give me a lesson in linked in and there is a huge difference Not only did he show me the actual mechanics but also helped me in composing my bio and what was important for me to get out there !!

  5. Ashley Merisier

    Drew took my social media nightmares and scared them away! He will help you develop a social media plan of action, use tools you could not readily find on your own without extensive research, and minimize your social media stress as a whole with one session. I truly enjoy our weekly lessons and am progressively triumphing my Instagram and Facebook fears. If you are lost and need someone to help map it all out for you, schedule an appointment with Drew!

  6. Tina Larsson

    Drew is fantastic! His knowledge and understanding of social media and our needs was nothing but impressive. If you want more business, call Digital Drew!

  7. Guy Tomlinson

    I’m definitely challenged when It comes to social media and have been reluctant to reach out for help but Drew made the lessons fun he is very patient and takes his time explaining how things work and why you should know how to use them.Drew is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions.If you need help with social media Drew is your man.

  8. Laurel Carpenter

    My partner and I are social media professionals ourselves, and we took a lesson with Drew to learn how to fine tune our Facebook Ads. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and patient. When you hire Drew, you get an experienced professional who really knows what he’s doing with paid social and digital marketing. Highly recommended!

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I teach customized digital marketing lessons that are one to three hours long. The lesson can be custom tailored to your needs. The lessons are done in person (NYC only) or over video chat. Popular lesson topics include: how to schedule your social media posts, how to optimize your Facebook Business page, learning how to write your posts effectively, and learning how to read your data and analytics from platforms such as Google Analytics. The lessons are interactive. Therefore, you are encouraged to use your devices such as your mobile phone, computer, or tablet and follow along.

You can ask all of your questions since I want to help you to learn how to master digital media in the clearest most hands-on way possible. Digital media can be scary and frustrating. Therefore, I take a calm approach and am able to work at whatever speed is most comfortable for you. My goal at the end of these lessons is for you to gain a better understanding of digital media. I want you to have the ability to use the skills you learn in the lessons on your own and retain what you learned. Learn more about my expertise through my blog.

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