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Search advertising is one of the greatest ways to drive relevant traffic to your website. However, there are so many times where I see accounts that were previously running and their bounce rate was over 80% or the account has a click-through-rate below 3%. One of the easiest ways to improve search performance is to include a negative keyword list. These are all the terms across an account that you don’t want your ads to show up for.

When making this list I remember that search engines are a research tool. When choosing terms to add to this negative list I think of how someone would be researching and what terms I would never want my advertiser’s ads to show up for.



One of the first is location. User’s do a lot of local searches so if you don’t serve people in particular states, cities, etc. it is best to block them. For instance, if you were a local business in New York City you would want to block queries for those searching the words “new jersey”, “pennsylvania”, “connecticut” and more.


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Another popular group of keywords to block are related services. For instance, I do digital marketing and digital advertising. However, if someone was looking for direct mail marketing I do not provide that service. Therefore, I would want to block queries such as “email”, “mail”, and “print”.

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