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A great way to take your search advertising to the next level is by adding audiences to your SEM advertising. You can set the ads to “Observation” or “Targeting” and also add in demographic, in-market, or interaction type audiences. However, not every option is applicable for each account, campaign or ad group. Using different audiences and options can really help refine who sees your search ads. It also makes a difference of where you rank for your target audience who will buy or use your services.



Setting observation for your audiences is what Google recommends. When setting observation you are telling Google to show your ads to your selected audiences. This option also does not exclude users who do not fit into your selected audiences. By selecting observation you can choose to increase or decrease your bids based on the results of your ads for that audience. By increasing your bids for your observed categories you are telling Google that you are willing to pay your increased bid adjustment to show up in a higher position.

Say, for instance, you increase bids 10% for an audience. That means for that audience you are telling Google you are willing to pay 10% more than your bid to rank in a higher position. This is helpful when you are getting a high click-through rate, and seeing conversions, but you are in second or third position. By telling Google you are willing to pay higher that may put you in first or second position. As you are in a higher position you may see click-through rate and conversions increase further.




Setting “targeting” for your audiences means your ads only appear if someone is in your selected audiences. By selecting this option, your ads are really narrowed. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have a big enough audience before selecting this option. If the targeting is too narrow you may not be able to spend your desired budget. You may also not reach as many people as you would like to. A great instance, to use the “targeting” option is for a remarketing campaign. If you want to create a campaign that only targets those who have visited your website. Using a remarketing audience and selecting “targeting” is a great option to select to make sure you are only targeting those who visited your website in the past.

Another great reason to select the “targeting” option is if you want to change your ads for an audience. If you are targeting users such as “homeowners” or those who are in-market for a particular product you can select this option. Then write targeted ads knowing those who are not in the particular segment wouldn’t see these ads. Remember when someone is actively searching for something on Google they are looking for an answer or solution to a problem. By matching your ads even further by using audience targeting you can hone in on your desired demographics and audiences even further.

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