How Klaviyo Email Marketing Strategies Improves Brand Growth?

Klaviyo Email Marketing

When someone visits your website, browses, and then leaves without taking an action or making a purchase, then you lose a sale. However, if you can track their behavior and follow them up for the same, there is a high chance for sale conversion. A more personalized and user-aligned message sent via email might be the best way to get your leads converted. Remember, Follow-up is the key.

If your email software has the power to capture and deliver the ideal message to your prospects, then you are on the right path. Track your email analytics with the help of the respective service provider. Without this data,  you will be adopting a blind approach to communicating with your consumers. 

Since it all comes down to DATA- you need to leverage it in a meaningful way to ensure that you do not lose sales. Want to have growth hacks to improve your Email-marketing strategies? Let us explore more about email marketing tips and growth plans to improve sales and revenue.

Pay Attention to Abandoned Cart Emails

An average eCommerce site experiences a 73% shopping cart abandonment rate. This does not imply that your website is poor or your product is not up to the mark. Consumers are bound to shop around, browse, compare and discuss with friends about the products. The abandoned cart is a sign that they are still considering making the purchase. 

Take into consideration the abandoned cart emails, and it is time to start. Here are a few things to offer in case of an abandonment cart to nudge your customers:

  • Showcase personal style consultations
  • Exhibit the product in-person 
  • Customer Support information (include asking about the product questions)
  • Talk about the product as third-party validation, Instagram photos, reviews, and more
  • Create helpful reminders in a conversational way

Discounts and offers are tempting but people might get used to these offers and end up avoiding them unless they have something on sale. With your email marketing strategies, you try to provide high-quality services and products to the customer and induce them to take relevant action or make a purchase decision. 

Win-back Newsletter Campaigns

Just like a social media post, an email trail works better when the campaigns are strategized, curated, and implemented by keeping in mind your ideal customer profile. Separate your recent purchases from those who have not shopped on your website for more than six months or so. If they purchased before, but have not been back for quite a while, it is not because they are done with you. 

In fact, with all the noise about similar products around they have just forgotten about you. On the other hand, they might know about the new products that you are selling. So, take the opportunity of emails to introduce your new products, offer them a discount, showcase reviews, etc. Make sure to connect all these with a sense of urgency or timebox along with a coupon code. 

The Win-back newsletters are the most prominent ways in today’s world to entice customers. Yes, even though too many discounts can be a bad thing, you have to stay competitive to position yourself in this market. Therefore, occasional discounts, offers, giveaways, or any other user benefit-inducing activities while emails can drive customers to your website. 

Page View-Based Campaigns

Similar to setting up the purchase event for nurturing your abandoned carts, set up page view events to send emails to the customers for asking them to browse them o your site. Make your marketing efforts streamlined and create product-specific email campaigns. Wondering what can be the best? Here are the following ways you can try:

  • Show product reviews
  • Answer common questions concerning the product
  • Recommend similar products
  • Create discounts that resonate with the customers and aligns the product price

In short, there are several things you can start with nurturing your abandoned cart when retargeting a customer based on their product view activity.

Focus More on Retargeting

An average American spends more than 10 hours every day on digital media and approximately 3-4 hours on social media. Skipping these customers can take a toll on your marketing strategies and extensively on the lead conversion approach. 

Retargeting your customers is easier than bringing more customers in and trying to convert them. This is because the existing customers already have an interest in the relevant product. Retargeting the customers makes it less confusing compared to other forms of advertisements. 

Yes, it may not be as granular as in the case of Facebook or LinkedIn, but you can make use of relevant images, posts, creatives, and more. This will help in understanding more about customers, demographics, and the relevant search phrases a person is after. 

Create Branded Content

Content always rules the industry- whether it is product-based or service-based. Therefore, you can include either a static post, carousel post, video, infographics, or others to communicate with your customers. Pay off your dividends for further months to come. Understand what your customer is looking for and what kind of posts resonates with them the most.

Every time and effort invested in email marketing campaigns do not go to waste. So, as long as you can repurpose and repackage the content to talk about your product for every marketing channel, the ratio for lead conversion increases. 

The Final Thoughts

Leveraging Klaviyo Email Marketing strategies, you can alter the image of the brand represented to the customers, influence their purchase decisions, and retain them for the future. The software offers all the fundamental and extensively helpful tools and analytics that aids in designing top-notch email campaigns and implementing them without a hindrance. 

If you are looking for the top email marketing strategies and services, speak to the expert Marketing Specialists at Digital Drew SEM. They have expertise in handling all marketing campaigns, including emails, newsletters, etc. Hurry up and have a quick consultation with the best marketer and tweak up your brand sales and revenue.


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