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So many people ask me what to post on Instagram. There are a variety of different posts that help grow your account and the more variety you can include the better. Keep in mind, each post must still represent your brand’s core message and value, but different types of posts can help build your brand identity with those that visit your page.

Behind The Scenes


The first effective type of post is behind the scenes. What does the daily life of your business look like? What do the employees do on a daily basis? If you have warehouse take pictures of the warehouse. If you have a client meeting don’t be afraid to ask to take a picture. Day in the life photos add authenticity and credibility to those who are looking through your feed.


Tips & Tricks Of The Industry


Tips and tricks of the industry are another great topic to post about. We all are experts in our field or industry. I personally share a business tip every week on Wednesday. I brainstorm a different one each week and post it. It is a way to show my followers my knowledge of social media and business. I would like to emphasize the point of these posts is not to sell anything. I am not ending my tips with a sentence about scheduling a lesson or hiring me to run your advertising. The point is my knowledge sells itself and builds trust over time. The selling is implied, but not explicit.

Motivational Quotes


Lastly, another popular type of Instagram post is motivational quotes. I post a motivational quote or saying every Monday for #motivationmonday. However, if you decide to use this type of post it is a great way to inspire others and show your passion for what you do. Just as with the tips and tricks, you are not directly selling your products or services, but you are building your trust and credibility with your followers which will over time turn into new business or customers.

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