Beginner’s Guide To Instagram Advertising Campaign

Instagram Advertising Campaign

Instagram Advertising Campaign has become a new trend among individual influencers, celebrities, and business organizations to achieve higher Return of Investments (ROI) on social media. To begin with, Instagram has transposed into a highly competitive platform for paid advertising. It meets the revenue benchmark that Google ads have set in the industry. However, somehow, startups and businesses which are new to digitalization are missing on advertising on Instagram. The reason being, inexperienced digital marketers, state that Instagram is relevantly new. Thus, it does not compete with Google, Facebook, or Twitter.

But, here are some facts to change your mind about Instagram Advertising Campaigns: 

  • Advertising on Instagram CPC lies between 0.20 to 6.70 USD only. It is significantly less as compared to Facebook advertising which begins from 0.50 to 2.00 USD per click. 
  • Instagram reported over 1 billion activated users in 2020. 
  • Instagram influencers earn between $150 to $400 per post. 
  • Also, Instagram Reel features allow Instagram businesses, influencers, and others to earn between 5K to 65K USD per reel.

Hence, if you think the Instagram Advertising Campaign cannot benefit your business with “fame & money,” you are going the wrong way, my friend. Let’s begin to learn more about advertising on Instagram and how can you start an Instagram advertising campaign at a low cost?

What is an Instagram Advertising Campaign?

By definition, the Instagram Advertising campaign is an Instagram ads strategy that several companies adopt in order to get persistent attention from their audience and make new customers every hour of every day. Let’s learn it this way, Instagram Advertising Campaign is a type of campaign where businesses pay a negotiable cost to Instagram in order to promote their product or service on the platform by creating posts and stories. In simple words, Instagram boosts paid posts and stories for them to achieve higher audiences and expand their customers. 

Why choose Instagram? One of the important questions that businesspeople ask is why choose Instagram and not Facebook? For instance, Facebook Advertising also boosts paid advertisements on news feeds of millions for a negotiable amount. So, why should they pick advertising on Instagram over Facebook? Well! A simple answer is – Instagram is the first-choice of today’s youth. Another reason for Instagram’s high demand in the business world is its fastest-growing social network. 

Here’s a fun fact: An Instagram survey concluded that 60% of Instagrammers choose new products on the platform. Whereas 75% of Instagrammers either click, comment, like, or create an impression on brand-based advertisements. 

How much advertising on Instagram costs?

To begin with, it is quite sturdy to calculate an accurate cost of advertising on Instagram. The reason being, the entire cost process depends on the CPC, or which we also call Cost-per-click. Apart from this, Instagram advertising also introduces a new feature called “cost per impression.” It makes it much easier for marketers to advertise on Instagram with a tight budget. For example, the advertiser has to spend up to $6.70 per 1000 impressions. 

On the other hand, Instagram advertising cost is approximately half as compared to Facebook ads. It is also noteworthy to state that Instagram ads cost may also different based on how many followers are there on the profile? For example, if the profile has a higher number of followers, its advertisement cost or cost-per-click will be lower. And this goes hand-in-hand. 

How to begin advertising on Instagram? 

Instagram Advertising Campaigns can include different types of ads. Here are four types of Instagram advertisements that run on the platform: 

  • Image Feed Ads,
  • Image Story Ads,
  • Video Feed Ads,
  • Video Story Ads, and
  • Carousel Feed Ads

It is also crucial that while choosing a type of Instagram advertisement, the advertiser should also consider the ad-related elements such as: 

  • Resolution of Video or Image (For example, Video story ads demand minimum video with 1080 * 1920 pixels).
  • File Size (Maximum video story ads file size is 4 MB)
  • Video Caption (advertiser’s choice)
  • Duration of the Video (For feed, video duration must be at least 15 seconds)
  • Video Ratio.

Here’s how to begin Instagram Advertising Campaign:

Step 1: Set up your marketing goals

When it comes to advertising, post-analysis is very significant. They ensure whether you have achieved your goal via the campaign or not. Thus, the first step is to set up marketing goals. In order to set up your marketing goal, you can point out “elements” that are causing your product to lose customers’ attention. For example, brand awareness. If your brand is new in the market, your goal should be “making customers aware of it.” Similarly, advertising on Instagram can help you achieve: 

  • How many audiences do you want?
  • Traffic that transpose to your website
  • Videos on the advertisements
  • Clicks on the “call to action” button

Step 2: Sort out your targeted audience

In the absence of the target audience, it is possible that the advertising will take you on a blind path. So, set up your audience based on the following elements: 

  • Age
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Personal interests
  • Customer behavior
  • Connections
  • Demographics

For example, is your product made for the elderly or people younger than 65? 

Step 3: How much are you willing to spend?

To begin with, your entire Instagram advertising campaign depends on this step. If you haven’t figured out your budget already, here’s how to do it: 

  • Open Budget & Schedule Feature on Advertising on Instagram or Instagram business profile. 
  • Enter budget for daily post (For example, $20).
  • Schedule campaign by entering start and end date. (For example, 1st Jan to 31st Jan).
  • Meaning, your campaign will run for 31 days.
  • Now, calculate your entire campaign budget by multiplying the daily budget to the total campaign days. 

Step 4: Create an advertisement

  • Go to Instagram business.
  • Tap on the “Create new ad” option.
  • Choose the ad format. 
  • There are generally three formats available: Single Image, Single Video, and Slideshow. 


Advertising on Instagram can be proven a lot beneficial, presuming that you are using it to target the right audience. For more information, visit us online at

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