How To Set up Bing Ads (Now, Microsoft Ads)?

Set up Bing Ads

Approximately 8% of searchers use Bing. Often disregarded as an “irrelevant” and “outdated” search engine, it has lost its stance in the Search Engine Universe. 

A stat like this will not entice any marketer to spend their time, efforts, and budget on running up ads and even makes them think twice to set up bing ads or not! The question is- are Bing Ads worth your time? Should you optimize it? Will it bring desired and good traffic or results? 

No doubt!

Let’s identify Bing as “Small Potatoes”. Why Small? We mean that there are millions of beans for higher-value searches. 

Before we start, let’s get one thing off the plate- Bing Ads are now renamed Microsoft Ads. It changed its name in 2019. But, you still reached this article via the keywords “Bing Ads”. 

Why? Because it has already got a lot of traction.

To be proper about it, Bing is still the search engine’s name, whereas Bing Ads are now called Microsoft Ads. 

Why Go for Bing Ads?

Okay, so if we say that Bing Ads are the small potatoes, why even go for it? The simple answer would be – that it is different from other search engines. Obvious? These search engines are definitely worth your time when we talk about running Ads. Let’s cover some other reasons to learn why Bing Ads are preferred to date:

  • Reach more customers and target audiences at half the cost spent on Google.
  • Microsoft Ads helps in reaching Millions who are not on Google.
  • Microsoft PPC Ads show a 50% higher rate of Click through (CTR).
  • The Average Cost to Acquire Customers for Microsoft Ads is 30% less than other Search Engines.
  • Microsoft Ads has a CPC of 33% lower than others and a higher ROI.

Reasons to Set up Bing Ads, According to Microsoft:

  • Bing users spend 36% more money while shopping on their desktop than any other average searcher.
  • Approximately 140 million people use the Bing Search engine.
  • The platform witnesses more than 6 billion searches every month.
  • About 35% of the online Bing searches are from the US alone.

How to Set up Bing Ads?

Hope we are clear on how Bing ads can benefit your marketing strategies and, in turn, your business! Let’s learn how to set up Bing Ads:

Create Bings Ads Account

The first step to creating the Bing Account- visit the Bing Ads website and click on the “Green” button. Sign up now via the button at the top right corner of the website. If you have already created one account, click on the “Sign in” account to get access. However, if not, then you can click on the Sign-up option, and you are taken to the page where you can put in your information to create the account. 

Besides filling out the necessary information on the form, Bing Ads will also ask you the purpose of running the campaigns. Let them know the reason for creating the account. They will ask you – whether to promote business or act as an agency supporting the trades for others. Now, choose the option that suits your best ad campaign intent. 

Campaign Ads (Importing from Bing Ads)

The next step includes deciding if you want to create a New campaign or import the campaigns from Google Ads (in case you have one). Have an existing Google Ad Campaign? You will see options like “Import from Google Adwords”. Select it and click on the “Sign in with Google” button. 

When you get into your Google Ad account, as you enter the username and password, now you will have to choose the campaign you want to import and click on “Continue”. Next, you will get “Choose Import Options” and schedule them. Schedule it for one time, weekly, daily, or monthly- click on it!

Create a New Campaign

If you are not using the Google Ads Campaign, then you need to create a new campaign with Bing Ads. Before this, you need to research the keywords suitable for your business and ads. Why? Because this decides the success of your Bing Ads campaign.

Wondering how to conduct keyword research on Bing? Use the Bing Keyword Research Planner tool. Find it on the main dashboard of the Bing Account and click on tools. You will get a drop-down list to see the keyword planner; click on it.

Gather data on the keywords as used by the Bing Users. It helps you get specific keywords to use to curate relevant ad campaigns and the bidding process.

Use the keywords planner for finding the right keyword ideas for the brand. Use it to learn the volume search data or the cost estimates of the keywords you intend to use for the campaigns. Click on the planner to get them done for you without much hassle and fewer efforts. The planner will take you to the page where you can fill in the necessary information before clicking on the “Get suggestions” to obtain the desired results.

Create the First Campaign with Digital Drew SEM

As you find the right keywords, you need to have campaigns. Go to the dashboard and create your first campaign. Click on the “Create New Campaign” button. Then, you reach the page where you need to put in the goals of the campaigns from the given options.

After this, you will come across another page; you will fill in the fields before you save it. Next, you are to choose keywords. Follow instructions to enter the keywords and ensure that you do it the right way. 

Want to have broad match keywords? Type in the keywords and separate them with commas. In case you are using the exact match keywords, then use brackets.

Are you confused with the Bing Ads Campaign? We understand. Contact the experts at Digital Drew SEM experts for strategizing and curating the Bing Ad campaigns. They will help you in identifying suitable campaigns after studying your business. Every marketing campaign will be cross-checked through you for ultimate satisfaction.


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