Get Leads With Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

Google Ads for Real Estate Agents

Real estate is no longer handled over calls, instead, they have boarded the technological advancement and run google ads for real estate agents to generate leads. 

All the local home sellers and the landlord make it to Google first. So, why must Google Ads be a mystery for real estate agents? 

On observation, buying Google ads for the agents or the real estate websites is the best way to get your name in front of the buyers or sellers. While some agents might be reluctant to pay for the same, many believe in running google ads to generate leads.

Why are Google Ads for Real Estate Agents essential?

Find the Best Digital Foot Traffic

Most real estate agents or owners have a specific budget to spend on marketing- traditional or digital. Yet, some fail to appreciate that it takes time and a good budget to have a sound digital presence and generate leads.

Think of the website as a digital shop, a retail shopfront- which seems more effective when it is amidst high foot traffic or road traffic allowing people to see the signage. The website works in a pretty similar way, just the foot traffic or the road traffic becomes the search traffic. Your website needs to appear in front of your relevant prospects to bring you desired results.

Rent the Competitor’s Name

Everything is fair in love and Google ads.

For those who do not know this, it is possible to show your ads when a user searches for a competitor’s name. Sounds sneaky? You may have noticed this while looking for something of a different brand yourself.

Google has a policy abiding by local trademark laws- this means Google does not allow you to use any business name on your ads that do not belong to you. However, this does not stop you or your competitors from using another real estate agent’s name as the keyword for Google ads.

Establish a strong presence with a quality website that includes SEO-friendly content to beat this behavior. 

Get Put on the Map

Did you know that Google maps help you conduct local searches? Developed in Australia, Google Maps has been the most widely used and fastest search growing tool. Over a billion users use this tool for their searches.

Your google ads also show up in Google Maps, which means that you can leverage this tool to climb your way to the top of the search results. Give it a try yourself and analyze whether your competitors are already working with this opportunity or not!

Target your Next Client

Get demographic targeting with Google Ads- reach a specific set of potential customers based on their age, parental status, gender, or income. 

For instance, you want to target the baby boomers who are looking to downsize, this demographic targeting helps you stay more targeted on the requisite niche. Even more so, it optimizes the budget, allowing you to avoid showing ads to Generation X or Millenials.

Tailor your messages and ad creatives to target a demographic by making it more appealing and suitable to them. Customize your ads and budgets either to be higher or lower for the respective demographic group.

Increase your Web Presence

While working on Google ads, you get 7 ad spots on the search results page. But, you may not realize but you can display ads on the banner ads spots on popular real estate websites. 

Besides using popular websites to display your Google ads, you can also use Google Display Network to exhibit ads to your prospects. It helps you in appearing before your clients who are searching for real estate websites or who follow around the websites. These ads show up continually to the clients if they continue to explore the real estate web pages. 

Research shows that people need to know your name and brand at least seven times before they decide to take an action. Running Google ads helps display network ads to boost your marketing activities and bring desired results. 

Follow Leads Around the Web

Google ads need not point the customer to the real estate website homepage. It is important to promote your prevailing marketing report, a single property listing, or a landing page that entails a form for visitors to fill out their information.

This way you can lead people to your website or let’s say digital front door. And, if they do not come right away, the form they filled helps you track them- called “the marketing sweet spot”. It means to continue showing ads to the prospective clients about your brands and services or about a particular property listing that they are interested in, and even encourage them to come back.

PPC or Google Advertising using Google Adwords is flexible and efficient. You need not commit thousands of dollars as a budget to the campaign. If you figure out and implement the right strategy, then you can bring in thousands of dollars worth of leads with minimal expense.

Provide Consumer Insights

Having signs and brochures does make the website appealing but that does not mean they will entice customers or influence them to take action. Even more, once you print your print materials, you do not get the opportunity to change or improve the content without a considerable cost.

When running Google ads, you can have insights on how many people saw your ad, who took action, or who left the buying journey midway, and more. The best approach is to set up multiple variations of ads and work out which copy or visual works the best to entice customers driving them to take an action. 

Monitor your ads and see if you can tweak the marketing assets for better lead generation. The best approach is to leverage customer insights to improve your marketing and communication strategy.

Get Professional Help for Google Ads

Want help to get started with Google ads for real estate agents? Contact the professionals at Digital Drew SEM today to get started with the ads and generate leads for real estate agents.


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