8 Things to Consider Before Hiring an Ecommerce Marketing Agency

eCommerce marketing agency

Working with an e-commerce marketing agency is a big step for running a business. Considerations before hiring an eCommerce marketing agency is a large investment complemented with long-term commitments. This makes it natural for the companies to contemplate the idea and feel daunting.

By stepping into the market, you can come across a bunch of agencies or third parties claiming to provide the best services as an eCommerce marketing agency. Each company sounds as impressive and enticing as the next one. 

But, are they going to turn out as they promise to? Are they really the best agency you picked up from the cluster in your hand. Grow your business by selecting the best eCommerce marketing agency and tweaking up your revenue.

Stage of Business

Before hiring an eCommerce marketing agency, you need to figure out the stage of the business. Generally, any typical business falls into three categories-


If you are just starting your company, the focus should be on creating a strong brand and a flexible, functional store. You will need to look for marketing strategies and tools that help in enhancing brand reputation and drive more traffic to the website.


If you have an established business, then you need to focus on improving the conversion rate from the traffic on the website. You will need to look for marketing strategies and tools that help in expanding a broader audience.


When your business is under expansion mode, you might need a little more customization on the marketing strategies and tools that help in expanding the business. 


Every business has its own choice of platform that it runs on. For instance, some like the concept and idea of Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, or Magento. Keep in mind the kind of platform and the features that you want and which eCommerce agency can deliver your requisite needs.

The eCommerce agency will look into the needs and figure out which platform will be the best for your business. Moreover, they will leverage all the marketing strategies and tools necessary for handling an eCommerce platform. 

Vision of the Brand

There are more than a million brands all over the globe with eCommerce websites. The number is only growing day by day as the technology is advancing- it is a break down the barrier for starting a new eCommerce store. 

The question- how to stand out among all the competitors and a bunch of websites? This is where your eCommerce marketing agency can design and create strategies for amplifying your business. They will build a better understanding of the brand and the audience to curate a platform suitable for both.

Emphasis on Priorities

Before finalizing upon the ideal eCommerce agency, look and explore what your business goals are- medium-term and long-term priorities. Get clarity on the direction of your business before initiating any eCommerce store. 

Most eCommerce marketing agencies provide multiple services like marketing, SEO, branding, and more. This will help you in understanding your goals and explaining them to the eCommerce agency further. 

Or, if you already have a marketing strategy to incorporate your social media channels and increase your promotions across multiple channels, then an eCommerce marketing agency can help you with the same. 

SEO Expertise

Websites and marketing channels need to be optimized to not only drive traffic but also ensure increased customer conversions. Also, no eCommerce business should ignore SEO, especially if you want to grow your business above and beyond. 

You will need to look into the eCommerce marketing agency for building a genuine long-term link-building strategy. Do not go for the ones who offer promises on short-term results for the business.

Adopting excellent SEO strategies for the business exhibits more reliable performances that guarantee improving SEO traffic for the business.

Industry & Niche

Operating in a small niche or industry or fighting hard for positioning in the eCommerce industry and competition. A company from a small niche needs to adopt a different approach for branding and marketing to secure a good position in the eCommerce industry. 

Considering the niche of the business assists in determining the ideal SEO strategy. For instance, with a small niche, ranking with the use of long tail keywords is easier. This approach is valuable for bringing regular traffic to the eCommerce website.

However, being in a competitive market demands a more refined and customized approach to outplay all the other competitors. The right agency helps in devising the right plan of action for bringing an advantage to the business. The inclusion of technology and innovative marketing techniques collaborated with good branding helps the marketing efforts to derive the best possible outcomes.

New Trends

Hopping on to the trends as an eCommerce platform tweaks up the marketing approach for the business. When you are into an eCommerce business, ensure that you pick the agency that knows how to support you with all the available tools. 

They can figure out to include 3D images, incorporate a subscription model, have fantastic customer service bots, include trendy payment methods, or launch a single product store, etc.- the needs vary from business to business. 

Price Driven or Luxury Brands

As a brand, how you position yourself in the market plays a significant role in driving traffic and prospects. If you are looking to create a luxury brand, then there are several customizations available in the Shopify platform for success. Because the customers expect luxury, a website that brings that to the customers performs well. Or, if you are looking to position your brand as a price-driven entity, then you need to appear a little different compared to other businesses. 

It is crucial for your eCommerce marketing agency to understand how your brand should appear to your prospects. However, there is no perfect eCommerce agency to spin a magic wand and proffer the best marketing deals to your company. It narrows down to what are your needs and what priorities are for the business. 

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