How Hiring An E-Commerce SEO Agency Can Drive Organic Traffic To Your Site

E-Commerce SEO Agency

Did you know that almost 43% of online traffic, according to Wolfgang Digital, comes from Google? For e-commerce sites looking to launch among the nearly 24 million already out there, it can be tough to get noticed. That’s where an e-commerce SEO agency can help.

If you want to create a buzz, drive conversions, and get people to your store, you need top-of-the-line e-commerce SEO techniques. Studies show that 23.6% of online orders are because of organic traffic.

If you are selling products and looking for a wider audience then you need to find a leading e-commerce SEO agency near you. Regardless of how large or small your business is, whether it’s a Fortune 500 firm or a startup struggling to make ends meet, you will need SEO. Without SEO, you cannot expect to maximize your profits.

Should you look for an e-commerce SEO agency to boost your sales?

When you sign up with an e-commerce SEO Service in New York, you get insights into your customers, like their age groups, demographics, locations, and how they have found you. You get to track customer-related data to analyze their buying behavior. This helps you to understand what they are looking for and how you can cater to their interests. Most importantly, hiring an SEO agency for your e-commerce site means you get to identify the problem areas impacting sales.

An e-commerce SEO company will make sure your site is well-optimized for conversions, easy to use, and capable of boosting organic traffic. The main goal is to increase footfall in your online store through high ranks on SERPs. But, SEO can be a daunting task as it involves looking into several factors to ensure your site ranks high on Google. An SEO agency will be responsible for ensuring that you don’t spam your site by overusing keywords or “buying” links. Google penalizes these “black hat” SEO techniques, pushing your site rankings down. When this happens, your target audience cannot find you. This has to be avoided at all costs because consumers will almost always click only on links showing up on the first page of Google.

This tells you why hiring a leading e-commerce SEO agency is necessary for your business.

SEO impacts your site’s online presence; it seeks to increase organic traffic to your online store. That can be achieved only through high ranks on SERPs.

What benefits can you get by working with an e-commerce SEO agency?

  • When your site has a higher rank on Google, it will draw more visitors to it. According to research, less than 50% of buyers go to the second page when they search for products online, and the top 5 sites on the first-page account for 67% of the total number of clicks.
  • Higher ranks mean more conversions. Visitors find your e-commerce site to be credible and trustworthy since it ranks high on search engines. Reports suggest that they will be more likely to make a purchase when the site is on the first page. If you are able to boost your site conversions even slightly, it can lead to a big difference in sales.
  • With an e-commerce SEO agency working for you, it’s possible to cut down your advertising expenses. SEO accounts for a superior user experience, making your website more intuitive, faster, and easier to use. Consumers can find what they are looking for easily and are driven to make purchases. When you can save on paid ads expenses, you can use the money elsewhere.
  • When you find an e-commerce SEO agency to partner with, you can promote your brand awareness. Do you know that almost 25% of organic clicks are directed toward established brands? This means that if your site isn’t SEO-friendly, you will miss out heavily on sales.
  • A leading e-commerce SEO firm will accelerate your page loading speed, making sure your site can load within 2 seconds or even less. This significantly boosts traffic to a site. You can be certain users won’t stick around if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load. And if that happens, you can lose almost 60% of sales.
  • An e-commerce SEO will target consumers with specific needs or buyers actively searching for products. Not only will organic traffic boost sales by ensuring that customers can find you easily, but also this kind of targeted traffic ensures that you don’t waste money on consumers who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.
  • When your site’s SEO is in good hands, it means your content will be relevant and updated. Google takes content quality rather seriously and will severely penalize a site if the content is outdated or error-ridden.
  • Working with an SEO agency is beneficial because they not only optimize your business for Google Maps alone but take steps to boost your presence on local search engines like Yelp.
  • Quality SEO drives more traffic without which even the best products won’t attract attention. A reputed SEO company knows which marketing strategies and tools to use to enhance the consumer experience. They can engage with your customers and get them to share your content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All of this will eventually contribute to higher sales and more visibility for your brand.
  • An e-commerce SEO company will focus on link-building efforts to boost your website’s credibility. Google attaches much value to links obtained from high-authority sites as do search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Effective link-building strategies involve posting quality content on news websites and industry blogs; this is where your SEO agency can help.
  • The SEO agency you partner with will use tools like Google Analytics to provide insights into your site traffic. This helps you know where it’s coming from, which pages get the maximum clicks and visits, how long users stay on these, etc. Analytical information is critical because SEO isn’t simply about bringing more people to your site; it’s more about making sure they stay connected with your brand and engage with your content. When you know which pages aren’t getting enough attention, you can work on improving their content. Knowing the conversion rates, click-through rates, bounce rate, and shopping cart abandonment rate helps you understand the problem areas and helps you tweak these to get better responses.

This shows that e-commerce SEO is a trend that is continuously growing and can dramatically boost your business’s presence online. Search Engine Watch states that organic searches in the US now account for almost 70% of the traffic there, and the number keeps rising every year. It tells you why it’s so important to invest in quality SEO strategies to change the bottom line. Everyone wants more traffic, more conversions, better rankings, and of course, more sales in the end.

How can you choose an e-commerce SEO agency for your business in New York?

  • Effectiveness: You need to ask yourself what your end goals are; whether it’s to boost quality traffic to the site, to add more email subscribers, to increase sales or upsells, or to add more social media followers. Goals have to be oriented around specific results that will benefit your business; so, you need to choose an e-commerce SEO company that can achieve these goals for you.
  • Experience: When choosing an e-commerce SEO agency, you shouldn’t rush to sign up with one in a hurry. Take time to research its background and reputation. It’s important to choose an agency that has the industry experience and can understand your business’s unique culture, problems, and jargon. When you offer a wide range of products, you can work with an agency having a generalized skill set. But, if you offer niche products, you need experts who can understand your business properly. Their writers will know which voice and which images to use in the content.
  • Customer-driven: It’s important to choose an e-commerce SEO agency that will prioritize your customers. This means that they will make an effort to know what your customers are looking for and how best to interact with them. When this happens, you can trust them to make decisions that you know will be in the best interest of your business. Such an agency will also manage your funds properly, making sure that you get positive returns on your investments. For instance, when your agency knows the breakeven cost and your profit margins, they won’t overspend on ads that can drain the budget.
  • Capabilities: You need an agency that will amplify returns and revenue for you. Their efforts need to be focused on generating quality leads and improving sales and revenue consistently. Their objective should be to lower ad expenditure while increasing returns on marketing investments.
  • Accountability: Quality SEO agencies will focus on analyzing metrics and KPIs. They will assess traffic rates to see which sources are bringing in the most returns and which are costing you a lot of money. The agency will focus on email marketing to advertise your products to a wider audience. They will analyze sales conversion rates and take steps to improve this every year. They should be able to cut down on your return rates; this can be quite a challenge because nearly 41% of buyers purchase products to return them, or at least some of them, to the company.

Red flags to watch out for when hiring an e-commerce SEO agency:

  • Fly-by-night SEO: If you are not completely well-versed in a topic, it’s rather easy to get duped by people who call themselves an expert. They will throw SEO lingo at you that you won’t be able to follow, and you end up getting cheated. Make sure you check the SEO agency’s background; an agency having a short history of operation is a sure red flag. You can get incredible rates from them alright, but you shouldn’t put your faith in a rookie.
  • Missing details: When you cannot find contact information for an e-commerce SEO agency on its official website, it’s best to move away and look elsewhere. A lack of presence on social media tells you that it’s possibly an imposter and that you must be careful.
  • Faulty and poor design: If you find the SEO agency’s website to be rather shoddy and unimpressive, you cannot depend on them to produce an immaculately-designed site for you.
  • Cold calls: When an agency blindly calls prospective customers, it clearly means that it prioritizes quantity above quality.
  • Inexperienced workers: Be wary of companies that aren’t transparent about their staff. Get hold of their business cards and look them up on LinkedIn.
  • Performance guarantees: Any agency that is offering guarantees should ideally be avoided. Organic traffic is impacted by search engine algorithms that keep changing. Smart SEO agencies are optimistic but will never rule out uncertainty. So, avoid companies that guarantee results; take this as a red flag because ranks and links can never be guaranteed. Rather than make promises, a good agency will set benchmarks to evaluate its progress. It’s important to understand that SEO is an ongoing process and expecting dramatic changes overnight isn’t prudent.
  • Unethical practices: Some SEO companies are notorious for using bait-and-switch tactics to get clients. Even if they are putting forward experienced employees as being in charge of your SEO, make sure it’s not someone else who is doing the actual work. You need an agency that is transparent in its contract so that you know what results to expect. Don’t ever sign a contract without knowing fully who will handle your account.

If you can follow these guidelines and watch out for these red flags, it shouldn’t be a problem finding a leading e-commerce SEO partner to work with. SEO is the top priority for businesses because, unlike other forms of marketing, it drives free traffic. Instead of having to hire experts for this onboard, you can outsource it to a capable SEO agency with expertise in your industry.

The trick to boosting organic traffic to your store is to identify an SEO agency that performs quality work and is also aligned with your business vision. The wrong choice of an SEO agency can do more harm than good for your company; so, make sure to research them before you start working with them.

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