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When running ads on search engines I tell my clients to think of search as a research platform. People turn to channels such as Google and Bing in order to find an answer to a question. People want to find a place to eat or a service to hire or a place to buy something. Someone is ACTIVELY looking for something.



The keywords chosen must accurately represent your business and be keywords that a user would be searching for. For instance, if you have an obscure business or service someone isn’t going to be actively searching keywords related to your product or service. In that case, perhaps social media could be a better advertising platform for your business or Google Display ads which will be explained in a later post.

If your business only sells certain products or only offers certain services to certain people don’t bid on keywords that are unrelated. For instance, if you are a marketing agency, but you don’t do email marketing campaigns don’t bid on terms related to email marketing. For instance, Google advertising may be similar, but if someone is searching for “email marketing” their intent is to find someone who specifically handles email marketing.

However, bid on keywords based on how your target market/customer searches. For instance, if you are a lawyer and people are looking to use your services, most people looking for a lawyer don’t know the difference between a lawyer and an attorney. Therefore, it makes sense to bid on both terms to make sure you don’t miss out on relevant traffic.

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