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You can be bidding on the most relevant keywords for your industry. However, if users aren’t clicking on your ads, then perhaps your search ad copy is not resonating with them. While it takes time to get your search ads consistently clicked on, some keywords and phrases do perform well regardless of industry.



Just as with keywords, including your location in your search ad copy headlines can help improve the CTR of your ads. People want to work with businesses and companies that are local. Whether you are B2B or an e-commerce brand, people want that connection with the brand. By including a location such as “headquartered in NYC” or “located in Manhattan” a user immediately knows where the business is and how far it is from them.


Pain Points


Think about what problem someone looking for your business faces. Are they looking for someone fast, reliable or cheap? If the price is a huge deciding factor in working with your business include that in the headlines. When reliability (such as in the service industry) is a deciding factor include that in some of your headlines. For an E-Commerce brand and you offer free shipping or free returns those are also pain points of ECommerce brands that the headlines can address.


Differentiation Factors


What makes you different than your competitors besides price and reliability? Being in business a certain number of years such as 15, 20 or 25 years can be a headline to include. Have you won any awards in your industry recently you can even include headlines such as “award-winning” or “best”? People are searching for something so they want to know what makes you different than the many other competitors above and below you on the search results.




How relevant is your ad to what the user is searching for? When writing an ad not only making sure you include the query in the headlines and descriptions of the ad, but clearly demonstrating how your product or service is the solution to what the user is searching for. When the ad has nothing to do with the search query or does not answer the question or address the search query exactly than the user will not be likely to click if they don’t feel their needs are being satisfied.

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