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LinkedIn recommendations are one of the most important components of your profile to help you become successful on the platform. They help your profile rank higher for users searching for your services or expertise. LinkedIn Recommendations also help to build your credibility once a user gets there.

Who To Ask


In terms of who to ask for recommendations, think about who in your network really knows you. From your direct supervisor to people you managed. Unlike reviews on Google, Facebook or Yelp, LinkedIn recommendations need to be more detailed. That is due to the fact that users will spend the time to fully read them. Especially if they are considering hiring you.

Look for people who can write reviews not only about the quality of your work but who you are as a person. The reviews should really help capture what it would be like to work with you. This means that through the reviews you collect on your profile someone should know not only that you are an expert in your given field, but also what your working personality is. Are you punctual, a go-getter? Those are things that can (and should) be included when someone writes a LinkedIn recommendation for you.

Asking for a variety of reviews is also important. Do you focus on three different verticals such as B2B, and ECommerce or industries such as fashion or restaurants? If that is the case getting at least one recommendation from each vertical can really help to close business or get a job in that particular vertical or industry.

Requirements For Asking


In order to get a recommendation from someone, you must be connected with them on LinkedIn. That means if it is someone who you would like a recommendation from it is best to connect with them as soon as you start thinking about getting a recommendation from them. Of course, if it is your direct supervisor or someone you are supervising it should be a given that you connect with them. Regardless of if you plan on receiving a LinkedIn recommendation from them or not.

When asking for a recommendation, you go to your profile scroll to the recommendations section and select “ask for a recommendation”. While LinkedIn gives you a generic message to send with the recommendation request I recommend writing your own. Be as specific as possible when asking for the recommendation. Say how much you appreciate what the person has done for you and ask if they could write a recommendation about this specific account, a problem you solved, or responsibility you have taken on. This will help you to receive a more helpful recommendation and make the person feel more comfortable writing one for you.

Another point to note is once a person writes a recommendation you can always have them go back and edit it. You are allowed to approve or disapprove a recommendation and ask for changes. Don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable about asking for changes. It is your recommendation. Make sure you feel the recommendation paints a clear picture of your skills and expertise and your working style is important.

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