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Instagram continues to be one of the largest, most influential platforms in terms of social media today. However, there are so many times I hear people say, “I am posting great content, I am getting a ton of likes, comments, shares, etc. but nobody is buying anything or nobody is coming to my store.”

When someone says that to me I ask to see what their Instagram header looks like.

A lot of the time I see a great description of what the brand is, what products they offer and what makes them unique in the market, BUT no call-to-action. A call-to-action is what you want the person to do when they click on your website link.

If you are just posting a ton of great videos and images of your recent projects, but have no call to action, nobody will know what you want them to do. Keep in mind you are trying to reach and engage with strangers. People who you never met you before. When you engage with people who you never met, they need to know what the next step is AFTER they learn about your brand and get past the awareness stage of the purchase cycle.

So what does Digital Drew do:

As you see, I have a description of what I do (digital media lessons and run digital media ads), but I also tell users if they like my content what I want them to do. I want to give them free content, continue to build that relationship so they continue to build trust with my business. If a user clicks on my link and goes to the guide landing page they will quickly be able to download a free guide and continue to engage with me.

For other businesses, it could be “sign up for my newsletter for 15% off” or “book a free 30-minute consultation” it needs to be your next step in the sales funnel (which I will discuss in a future post). People need to gradually build trust and your call to action should be the next step after someone becomes aware of your brand and starts initial engagement.

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