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One of the of the most frequently asked questions I get on LinkedIn is what to include or not include in your experience section. There is a simple rule to follow whether to include or not include an experience on LinkedIn. If the experience enhances your CURRENT position or role keep it. If it doesn’t remove it. Remember a lot of people read your profile on mobile devices. So if your profile is too long users will not make it to the end and you will lose their interest.

What  Experiences To Keep


  • Experiences related to your current field. They show how you got to the position now and help to paint a clear picture of how you got to your current position which builds credibility.
  • College internships and part-time jobs can be okay to include if they taught you skills related to your current position or a job you would like to have. For instance, if you a clothing designer and you had a part-time job at a clothing store it is good to still include that position. However, if you left the position more than 2 years ago I would remove it.

What Experiences NOT To Keep


  • High school jobs that have NOTHING to do with your current position. Your lifeguard job from 10 years ago does not belong on your current LinkedIn profile.
  • College internships once you have 1-2 years worth of solid experience in your field. Those internships looked great when you were applying to your first job. However, once you have your first career-related job and have been there for over a year those internships become less relevant and therefore, no longer need to be included in your profile.

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