How To Write A Good LinkedIn Bio

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Writing a good LinkedIn bio is essential to building your credibility on the platform. It is your first impression you are giving someone browsing your profile and your profile gives visitors a chance to get to know you and what value you can offer them professionally. Learning what to include and not include and how to format is essential for success on LinkedIn.

Point Of View


The first recommendation is to write your bio in the first person (not third). When writing your bio say “I” instead of “he, she, they, etc.” When someone is looking to connect with YOU, talk about your experience coming from yourself, not an outsider. That touch of human element can really go a long way.



The first one to two paragraphs should talk about your experience. How did you get to the position you are now. What professional experiences lead you to where you are now. Think of these opening paragraphs as the warm introduction you use before giving a pitch use on an interview when someone asks you to tell them about yourself.

Referrals & Ideal Clients/Customers


The next paragraph should be about who you are looking to meet. If you are a business owner, list what type of companies you like to work with. Also, what job titles are great introductions for you. Someone reading this paragraph should be able to know if they are someone who should connect with you or not.

The last paragraph should be your call-to-actions. What do you want someone to do if they like what they read? If you want them to email you put your email address. If you want them to visit your website include a link. When someone has to dig around or guess then the likelihood of your LinkedIn profile getting visitors to do what you want them to do significantly decreases.



The last piece of advice is to break up your paragraphs into 6-8 sentences maximum. Remember we are in the age of mobile devices. A lot of people will be reading your bio from their phone. If you write one or two giant paragraphs it will be overwhelming to read. Therefore, visitors will not read the entire bio.

Take a look at my bio below. My bio brings together all the tips I have presented in this blog post.

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