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If you are an ECommerce brand now is the time to start planning for the holidays. Consumers start buying their gifts as early as September and do a great deal of shopping in October as well. If a brand would like to start now, here are some recommendations I have for taking advantage of the Google Ads network.


Search Ads


Google search ads are a great way to target both first-time users and also users who have visited your site in the past. For first time users, I recommend creating a campaign based on your products and optimizing towards qualified users those are users who visited more than two pages and/or spent at least 60 seconds on your site. The reason to not optimize towards sales is most people do not purchase on a first visit. Therefore, finding users who spend time on your site and absorb your content is key for a first touch.

Remarketing ads are target those who visited your website in the past. I recommend creating a separate campaign targeting those who visited your website in the past. A great place to start is those who visited your website from any source in the past 30 days. It is the most basic remarketing audience but those searching terms relevant to your products that have already visited your website in the past are much more likely to purchase. Note, that you need at least 1,000 people in a remarketing audience in order to target them with Google Ads. Most new brands will not be able to run remarketing ads so don’t feel discouraged. As you run ads and drive traffic to your website you will be able to see your remarketing audience build over time.


Display Ads


While Google Ads are known for search ads, display ads (image ads) is another huge opportunity for ECommerce brands to take advantage of. The main type of display ads I recommend running are remarketing display ads. Those ads can show to users who have visited your website before. Think about all those users that visit your website but do not buy. These ads can act as a reminder to those people to visit your website again. These ads help keep your brand top of mind so that way those users who visited your website but did not buy can come back when they are ready.

To best run these display remarketing ads I recommend setting a frequency cap. A frequency cap helps limit how many times a user sees your ad in a day or given period. My recommendation is to not let an ad be shown to a user more than three times per day. Otherwise, you will start to see diminishing returns.


Shopping Ads


Shopping ads are the product ads you see on Google search that have an image, price and product title. These ads can convert users who are in-market to buy. My only warning with these ads is unlike search ads where you select which keywords to bid on, with shopping ads Google selects which keywords your shopping ads appear for. Therefore, without a very strong negative keyword list, you can waste a lot of money on shopping ads. My recommendation is running search ads for at least a month or two, build a strong negative list based on the keywords that see in the “search terms report” and then run shopping ads. That way you are blocking a lot of the irrelevant search terms already and then be able to appear for the terms that are more relevant to your brand/products.

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