How To Choose An Advertising Agency In New York To Promote Your Brand Visibility Online

advertising agency in New York

You need someone to tell your brand’s story, right? Now, you can trust your digital advertising partner to do it for you. Digital marketing is all about promoting your products and services through online channels, including apps, SEO, social media, and emails.

Given the cutthroat competition among brands these days, you cannot afford to lose out on the chance to market yourself online. For this, every brand has to master online marketing. Using these you can generate quality leads and boost your conversion rates.

Unlike a decade ago, when companies would spend millions of dollars to advertise on billboards and print media, today most prefer online advertising. That’s because Facebook, Instagram, and Google generate far more revenue than any conventional media agency. And why does this happen? It’s simply because they control far more eyeballs.

Tips to find the best digital advertising agency for your New York business:

With digital technology penetrating every industry out there, all businesses, big or small, have to embrace digital advertising to survive. In a city like New York, you need to find a top-of-the-line digital marketing partner to get “noticed” as a brand. 

It will help you come up with an effective marketing strategy to build long-lasting connections with target customers, outrank your competitors, and boost your brand’s visibility. Digital marketers will look into multiple channels and tactics, such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, search engine optimization, paid media, content marketing, email marketing, etc.

If you aren’t sure about how to find the right advertising agency in NYC, follow these tips:

1. Choose an agency that asks questions: Remember that an agency that asks questions is genuinely concerned about you. It can devise the perfect marketing strategy for you only when it has all the answers it needs. You may think that the queries are dumb and unimportant at first, but if you analyze these well, you will see that they are necessary for them to get an in-depth idea of your business vision and goals. For instance, a good digital marketing agency will want to know about your short-term and long-term goals, your current benchmarks, your preferred metrics, and KPIs, what your customers want, which your preferred marketing channels are, etc.

2. Ask your partner for its strategy: A good digital marketing partner won’t mind sharing details of their marketing strategy with you. This is needed as it offers you many data points for you to analyze their work. An agency that’s willing to show its skills can be trusted. This willingness to share their work helps you get an idea about their capabilities; you can ask them to share examples of their past campaigns and parts of their proposed strategy. Ask for performance data from them and use it to evaluate their performance over the years. Look at the elements that they prioritize over the years and look out for loopholes and knowledge gaps.

3. Check their strategy execution: While coming up with an effective digital strategy is the topmost task for your advertising partner, it’s also important to have the skills to execute this. Verifying that your chosen agency has the expertise, skills, and qualifications to implement the strategy is the key to making the right choice of an agency. They should have a solid track record to show that they have done this successfully for past clients.

4. Look at your own goals: You need to define what your key business goals are when you must hire a digital advertising agency in New York. For some businesses, the main goal may to be increase traffic to their website; for others, it could be to boost conversion rates. Whatever your goals, you need to make sure your digital marketing partner understands them properly and works hard to deliver results. Choose your goals carefully; whether it’s lead generation, user engagement, brand awareness, sales boost, or online visibility. This helps to determine Key Performace Indicators and marketing goals. Knowing these is important for the agency to figure out how best to help you.

5. Set a budget: You need to spend money for hiring digital marketing services; so, don’t forget to set a proper budget. When you have allocated funds for advertising, you can ensure long-term brand growth. This budget is then divided among social media channels, depending on your business type and the industry to which you belong. For instance, as a local business owner, you may want to promote awareness in your specific location. So, you allot most of the money to targeted local ads or local SEO so that customers can find you easily. However, if you run an online store, you can focus more on email marketing to convert visitors into paying customers.

6. Get an estimate of costs: When making a budget, you need to ask yourself whether you want to reach out to international markets. In that case, you should search for a digital advertising agency having omnichannel marketing experience. Such agencies can handle all your marketing tasks, right from advertising to email marketing and site development. Different factors impact the overall costs of digital advertising, like markets you plan to target and projected media expenses. Any leading agency will offer you a complete breakdown of all the costs involved. When the agency you have shortlisted isn’t open to talking about costs with you at the outset, it’s best to choose another one.

7. Research well: Once you have decided on a budget, it’s important to research multiple digital marketers before choosing one. With more than 6000 agencies right here in the US, you are spoilt for choice. If you need help with Facebook advertising or Google advertising, you should choose a brand with expertise and experience in handling these, like Digital Drew. such agencies are typically full-service agencies helping you create an effective marketing strategy and quality content for your site and social media accounts. They can even help you optimize your site by offering services like web design; this helps your business get higher ranks on SERPs. Social media agencies, as the name suggests, will offer content creation services, monitor comments, and respond to queries from followers on social media channels. They engage with prospective customers through their social media interactions and quality content.

8. Check the portfolio: That’s the surest way to know whether the agency can give you results or not. Visit their official website and go through their previous projects. That helps you know more about their services and how they added value to their past clients. Read case studies and client testimonials and see if the agency is a good fit for your company goals. The portfolio should be able to throw light on different areas of specialization, like PPC advertising, SEO, or social media marketing.

9. Look at the reputation: Before signing on the dotted line, make sure to check the reputation of the digital advertising agency you have chosen. Its reputation tells you how past clients view their work, and how it ranks in terms of credibility, performance, and collaboration.

10. Consider customer services support: An agency that ranks high in terms of responsiveness, positive attitude, and courtesy, is easier to work with. It can understand your requirements better and work seamlessly with your in-house teams to deliver positive results.

11. Availability: Just like in any kind of business relationship, you need to be sure you can reach out to your partner every time there is a need. But, if your advertising partner is not available to cater to your needs, you need to look elsewhere. Even if they are not able to help you at that time, they should have freelancers or other agencies that can step in for the time being.

These are some of the things you can do to make sure you get a trusted, capable, and effective digital marketing partner to work with in New York. It’s always a good idea to explore your options instead of settling for the first digital advertising agency you stumble upon. Make sure the agency helps you stick to your marketing budget and offers exactly the kind of services you are looking for. Shop around before signing up because different agencies have different sets of expertise and experiences.

When you choose a digital advertising agency, your purpose is to find a partner that can offer unique value to your brand. They should be able to provide customized solutions and services to suit your marketing requirements, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Digital marketing has now become indispensable for businesses, regardless of their size, type, or location. Given that almost half of the American population buys online, you can lose out on a huge chunk of the revenue if you are not actively working on building your brand’s presence online. 

With smartphones, eCommerce, and social media taking over our lives, you need to find the right partner to acquire a place in internet real estate. The right digital advertising firm can help you reach out to your target audience faster. Digital marketing has the power to translate a regular local business into a global phenomenon simply by using a handful of tools and techniques. Sign up with the best in the field to make sure your brand gets the recognition it deserves.

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