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It is no secret that LinkedIn continues to be one of the most powerful platforms for B2B marketers and advertisers. People on LinkedIn are completely focused on business and work. Whether it is finding a new job or growing their own business. One of the greatest ways to find connections for what you are looking for is to use the advanced search. To get to the advanced search use the search bar on the top left corner, do any type of search and you will see a button called “All filters”. Click on it and you will see the extensive drop-down menu.



Search by connection is a great way to find your first and second connections. Many of us grow such large networks that we even forget who some of our first connections are. Also, many people switch jobs and careers and we don’t even realize it. By searching for these connections we can rediscover people in our network who we should reach out to. You never know who switched companies or jobs to become your perfect referral.




People love local. This doesn’t apply to just Google searches, but LinkedIn connecting as well. For instance, selecting “Greater New York City Area” or “Greater Philadelphia Area” depending on where you are located can make a big difference on who you connect with. Even with technology people like to know that you are close enough where if they want to schedule an in-person meeting with you they can.


Profile Language


Do you speak a second or multiple languages? LinkedIn has an advanced filter for profile language. Speech and language are an important way we connect with other people. Use that other language to your advantage and try searching for connections with a common language. You can even compose an InMail message to them in that language and start building a connection on a deeper level.




Try filtering for your alma mater. Alumni love connecting with fellow alumni online. Education just like language is a huge connecting point. People connect with their college or university and most likely feel a sense of pride for their school. Therefore, by finding connections of who went to your school can be a great opportunity to build connections and give you plenty to talk about besides business.


Custom Fields


You can also use custom fields such as “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Title” and “Company”. Say you are going after a specific niche job title. By using the custom field you can filter your search for those that have that specific job title. Same thing for company. If there is a specific company you are trying to reach, typing it into the custom field can help you find those people that work for that company at the touch of a button


Combine Fields


For advanced filters I recommend people to play around with it. Try combining two or three fields and see the results. For instance, you can try combining second connections, who live in the New York City Area who work in advertising & marketing or those who live in the New York City Area who work in advertising & marketing who have the job title, marketing director. The possibilities are endless, but using combinations of filters can really narrow down your search and help you reach the right people in a quick and cost-effective manner.

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