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When building a search ads account the structure of the account is very critical. One of the best ways to make sure your account is performing well is to break out your ad groups to be very specific to the keywords you are bidding on. Remember ads are written at the Ad Group Level. 

The best way to think about how to break out your ad groups is to think about how a user searches. Think of different synonyms that someone searches for. For instance, if you are a lawyer people search for “lawyer” and “attorney” differently. Therefore, because users search for lawyers and attorneys those keywords would need to be broken out into separate ad groups. You would want to create separate ads that say “lawyer” when someone is searching “lawyer” and separate ads that say “attorney” when someone is searching “attorney”.

Keyword Relevancy


Meaning does not always indicate a new ad group is necessary. It’s matching ads to what a user searches for. The more relevant you can make an ad to a user’s search, the more likely they are to click on your ad. People want custom ads and that’s why breaking out ad groups to match ads for their specific searches is so important. If you have too many different keywords driving to the same ads you will see a lower click-through rate (the rate at which user’s click on your ads).

Landing Page Relevancy


You don’t want to provide misleading ads to those searching. Meaning even though you create different ads you still want the content on your website to match the content in the ads that someone clicked on. However, it is okay to create different ads that don’t directly say the term on the website as long as a user still gets the information on your website that they were searching for. The bottom line is the intent. Create ad groups which will align ads that match the intent of the keywords that gives the information on the landing page that the user is searching for.

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