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There are so many times I get the question, “Why should I pay money to Google to bid on my brand terms when I am already at the top of the page for organic/non-paid listings when someone searches for my brand.” There are so many great reasons to bid on your branded terms so I wanted to write an article explaining why.

Protect From Competition


Let’s face it Google is very competitive. Even if you are a small brand you still have to worry that a competitor might bid on your brand name (even if it’s not intentional). Let me give you an example of how that might happen. My company name is “Digital Drew”. Therefore, I bid on the term “Digital Drew”. Say a competitor bids on the term “digital marketing” on a non-specific/broad match type. Google might have that competitor’s ad appear when someone searches my brand name because the broad term digital marketing relates to Digital Drew.

If the Google algorithm thinks that digital marketing is related to digital drew and the advertiser says to Google find keywords that “look like” digital marketing, but don’t have to specifically say digital marketing in the search, then I risk the competitor’s ad showing up above my own name if Google thinks that relates to the term being bid on.

Use Auction Insights To Check


“Auction Insights” is a great way to check how your brand term is ranking compared to competitor’s (this tool can be used for other keywords as well) If you are in your branded campaign/keywords, select “Keywords” on the left column and then select “Auction Insights” on the row in the middle. You can see that even with me bidding on my branded terms, I only captured 98.48% of searches for my brand term “digital drew”. That still means 1.62% of people who searched the term “digital drew” did not see my ad at the top of the page.


Quality Of The Ad vs. Organic Listing


They say a picture tells 1,000 words so let’s compare how my paid ad looks compared to my organic listing.

Paid Ad:

paid-ad image

Organic Listing:

organic-ad image

As you can see with paid ads, there are a lot more opportunities for customization and to tailor your message to what you want the listing to look like. The biggest thing that you can do with ads that you can’t do with your organic listings are extensions. Extensions for instance, can include your location and hours (as shown above)

Especially for a local business such as a restaurant or salon knowing the location and hours without even clicking on the listing is huge. That information could make or break someone’s decision on whether or not to spend money on your business. Another example is phone number (also shown above) with ads, you can display your phone right on the ad and if the user is on their mobile phone searching they can even call your business right from the ad (talk about convenience).

Therefore, two of the biggest reasons (and there are more) to make sure you are bidding on your brand terms are so that competitors don’t show up when someone is searching for your brand name and so that way when someone is searching for your brand name that you can give them the information they need from the ad to make the decision to go to your business or take the next step in the purchase decision cycle.

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